• Cats don´t need to go outside like dogs do

    Cats are one of the most cutest and cleanest animals because they never need to be let outside, Cats use their litter box inside always. Dogs are very noisy and super annoying because they need to always be let out to go to the bathroom unlike cats. Cats are also like small little cute free mice exterminators.

  • Cat's are nice pets

    I have a cat and i named her lucky. Unlike dogs, Cats can use the bathroom inside. You usually have to take a dog outside. You have to clean them, But cats can just clean themselves. Even though my cat doesn't like swimming in water. That's what i like about my cat.

  • Cats will not make you trouble!

    Cat is one of the cutest and cleanest animal. I always want to see cats in the street because they always want to play with me. In addition, If your home has a lot of rats, Cats are useful, As they are the professional rats-catcher. Finally, They love cuddling. Haha

  • Well, I have one and she's great.

    I moved to Colorado to start a CAREER in manufacturing. . . . I'm only planning o being here long enough to get a certificate from the local tech school, And then I'm getting out. I'm not a liberal hippy, But Boulder and surrounding areas pay really well, Which is why I'm here.
    I have a cat and she keeps me company, Since I tend to avoid the day tripping populace of Boulder, CO. . But being completely alone all the time is a shitty way to live.

  • Cats are amazing pets.

    Cats are better than dogs. In many ways. Another reason is because I have a cat. C C C C A A A A A T T T T S. A A A A A A R R R R R EEE A A M M A A ZZ II NN G G G.

  • Cats are great

    Ok first of all, Why is this even a debate? A cat is a living thing and they deserve to be alive! Cats are known to be animals that can help calm you down. They also can eat animals that don't really matter like rats. Plus, I think that if cats are banned dogs should be banned

  • What's wrong with a cat

    Cat is one of the cleanest animal. Whenever I see a cat, It is cleaning itself by licking from toe to tail. They are cutest pet to have which love cuddling and will never disturb because it is always busy with its stuff. One of the main reason to have a cat is that you no longer will have the problem of rats.

  • Cats are rubbish!

    Cats spend their whole day sitting around doing nothing just molesting their kittens are going into my neighbours bloody garden. I got one for a bit but then i took it to china and had it for lunch. BEST MEAL EVER! Next time i will breed them and have a feast! It will be my speciality PUSSY CURRY

  • All life should be exterminated

    Living beings are a plague on this universe. Peace will never be known while they persist. I live and strive for the day when all will be wiped clean from this plane and things may begin again, Untainted by what we know of as life.

    Also dogs are way better.

  • Cats are cats

    Since the ancient times, Cats are widely known as evil sidekicks, Evil entities that are a witch’s companions. Their very presence sucks one’s soul dry and destroys one’s childhood. They vomit our ominous dark energy in the form of fur balls that can devastate entire towns or cities. Now they have hid their evil in the form of balls of fur, But are they really that innocent? NO! They retain their evil energy in themselves and wake up at night to roam the lands.

  • Cats are furries

    Furries are illegal, Such organisms threaten the foundations of human evolution. As the great thinker Wang chuhao once said, Furries make us more degenerative than the combined powers of Ultraman and Winnie the Pooh. In conclusion, Cats are feline furries and we humans need to ban them to protect ourselves.

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