• Columbus was sent by God

    Columbus was sent by the king and queen of spain who were sent by God so columbus was sent by God and is therefore a saint. Columbus took a big risk in sailing across the sea when he didnt know for sure if the world was flat and he was gonna fall off or not. Besides, its not Columbus fault that the Indians died. If they hadnt been so weak they would have survived disease and been able to repel the superior europeans. And if he raped the Taino girls, its also not his fault because they barely wore any clothes and itd be hard for him to resist. Columbus is basically a saint, and he founded the United States, so we should have columbus day

  • Supporting Columbus Day

    I think that we should celebrate Columbus day because if it wasn't for Christopher Columbus some of us may not be living in the united states, because most of us that live here in the U.S. are not 100% Native American. If he would not have found America some of the highest technology made today would not exist because some of the highest technology is made in the United States

  • YES, we should celebrate Columbus day.

    One reason is because without Columbus starting the race for land ,by claiming new land for Spain, England would never have sent someone to claim land in the new land. Another reason is because Columbus enforced the idea that the world was round by finding "India" and going around the world.

  • I believe that we should celebrated Columbus Day.

    I think Christopher Columbus should be celebrated. After reading an article called "Columbus should be celebrated" by David A. Sprecace. There are many reasons why i think he should be celebrated, one reason why he should be celebrated is because he is seen as a skilled captain of the highest order. Another reason why i think he should be celebrated is because he discovered that the earth wasn't flat but round. Columbus sought glory, wealth and a little title of nobility by opening new trade routes from China to Japan. Columbus should also be celebrated because he discovered Americas continental coast. Most importantly why he should be celebrated is because he founded the greatest nation there is called America. It is Columbus' method of discovery and record-keeping that distinguishes him from other explorers who may previously have "discovered" the new world. Those are all the reasons why i think Christopher Columbus day should be celebrated also cited by David A. Sprecace.

  • It doesn't matter what he did to the native Americans.

    Yes, he was a big jerk, and yes, he totally screwed over the native
    Americans. Even though he did that, those facts don't really relate to him finding America. And yes, I know that he wasn't the fist to find America, but he did "open it up" to the rest of the world. None of us would be here today if Columbus hadn't been stupid and totally missed India. Therefore, we should celebrate Columbus day, and celebrate living here in the Land of the Free.

  • We should have Columbus Day

    Yes, I think that we should have a day that celebrates Columbus finding the Americas. It was a day that changed the world back in the late 1400s when Columbus found Americas, even if it was accidental, and we should celebrate the day by taking it off and not working nor having class.

  • don't go sniffing columbous unless yur a boat

    If you want me to sniff you the say no eucause columbous is not chistian he is god he iwll lick the boats he sniffed so stop saying yes mom don't lick my boats ok ok ok ok ok ok stop livkinh hristian boats you licker sniffer dude kid kid

  • Columbus is Jesus

    Columbus is basically jesus, I mean just look at him. He slays bitches left and right, Pretty much the biggest stud the world has ever seen. How could you not celebrate that. The guy fucked the hotest bitches in 1942, Literal god. He also fucked native americans, So you know he wasn't racist.

  • I think we should celebrate Columbus Day

    I personally think that we should all celebrate Columbus Day for a couple of reasons. First of all, history, in fact, is the story of conquest, we may not like it, but it’s our shared history and where we came from. We can’t change the past, but it’s what makes us who we are, no one can deny that. In addition, the deaths of the natives were an effect of plagues, not violence, it was not intentional for Columbus and his crew to kill off the natives, besides, they had to deal with their own plagues in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Furthermore, we have to give Christopher Columbus some credit, not everyone can sail off into the unknown knowing they might never come back, one of the best things about the human race is our sense of discovery and wanting to know more. Understandably, one reason people are not wanting to celebrate is because Columbus was not the first person to discover the new world. Yes, that is true, but it is also true that the natives were already there so that doesn’t count as discovery, when humans first crossed the land bridge, they had no maps and didn’t know anything about where they were (animalistic). I think Columbus Day should be celebrated for many reasons, and I stand firm on my opinion.

  • Chris is cool

    Chris is a cool guy, basically a saint, he was pretty much a god, like basically better than saint. He walked in water and turn water to wine on his way to the carribean. He intended to go there on purpose and feeded is 9,000 person crew with 2 fish and 5 pieces of bread. He is like god reincarnated.

  • Why are national holidays celebrated and what is the message?

    A list of reasons for a national holiday should provide an opportunity to recognize or celebrate momentous occasions, Celebration’s in the form of a national holiday should be of
    What should the criteria for a national Holiday? I would suggest that they would, In Brief, Include:
    Memorial of a sacrifice in services to the nation or the world (Memorial Day would be an example)
    Recognition of a major cultural event (Thanksgivings in that it is really a harvest festival)
    Celebration of a person who made direct and significant contributions to our culture or society (Such as Presidents Day or MLK Day) note: Contribution imply a positive influence
    In all cases they should be relevant to the nation and speak to the ideals and principals that the nation seeks to promote.
    This criteria does not include the actions of people that directly or indirectly led to the deaths of Millions, The subjugation of peoples, The introduction of slavery. Basically Genocide in the name of empire building and treasure seeking would not qualify.
    Columbus, Who by accident, Found that there were lands between his home and his objective by chance. He then introduced practices that can be summed up in three words, Genocide, Slavery and Greed.
    In no way is he an individual deserving of such an honor.

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  • Colubous is not mom ok

    If you want me to sniff you the say no eucause columbous is not chistian he is god he iwll lick the boats he sniffed so stop saying yes mom don't lick my boats ok ok ok ok ok ok stop livkinh hristian boats you licker sniffer dude kid kid

  • He's a bad man

    He worked for Epic Games, It was his idea to get rid of the drum gun, Revolver and lower shotgun damage. Plus he has 10, 000 games played and no wins. He also caused the salty facory to go away, And also decided to make the skull trooper never come back.

  • He was not the first

    First one to find America. O o o oo o o oo o o o o oo o o oo o oo o o oo o o o o o o o oo o oo o o oo o oo o o oo oo o o o o o o

  • Columbus day should not be celebrated.

    Columbus was a man who killed a lot of natives on the island of Cuba. He enslaved many indigenous people of the Bahamas, and forced them to mine gold for Spain. He took many captive and brought them back to Spain to make himself some money and be a greedy rich person. He angered the natives so much, they started killing Columbus's men.

    Posted by: Pik
  • We should not celebrate Columbus day

    I think that Christopher Columbus day should not be celebrated. I think that this should be called Native American or Indigenous People's day instead. I think this because some reasons that people celebrate may not even be true. Like the fact that some people say that the reason why we celebrate Christopher Columbus day is because he discovered America. That isn’t even true, the vikings discovered it before him and even though their civilizations didn’t last they were still there before the. When Christopher Columbus came to america he captured some of the native americans and tortured them, he also sold little girls as young as 9 years old to sex slavery. He eventually drove the Native Americans out of there homes. He would also torture and sometimes even kill the native americans if they didn’t give him the exact amount of money that he demanded. He also brought the smallpox to the native americans and since the native americans didn’t have any immunity to european diseases over 90% of the native americans died. He also was a slave trader who heartlessly took men and women away from their families in order to lesson his failure to find a new trade route. So in conclusion I think that christopher columbus day is a terrible holiday and that we should not celebrate and that we should have never celebrated it.

  • No no no

    He is an awful man. He cut peoples hands off and made the natives wear them. He enslaved the natives and he also said that he was the first person to find america. He is cruel, he is a liar, and he should not have his own holiday at all.

  • His methods towards the natives weren't very kind

    As he found the land he proceeded to take them as slaves to use them for work. The work he was forcing them to do was very difficult suggesting that they have never done it before. We shouldn't have Columbus day because he forced the natives to do hard work.

  • Bad Bad Bad

    Bhe racist. He bad. He bad. He sell slave. He kill americans. He bad spanyard. He bad. Bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad b ad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad BOI BOI BOI BOI BOI BOI BPOI BOI BOI BOI BOI BOI BOI BOI BOI BOI BOI BOI BOI BOI BOI BOI BOI BOI BOI BAD BOI.

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