• Dress codes in school.

    Dress codes should be in schools because it keeps students safe as far as not being able to wear short shorts. I personally feel that having a dress code for schools is safe for little ladies as well as young boys. I personally feel that dress codes is what all schools need because things could happen to students that maybe dress inappropriate.

  • Yes to dress codes in school

    It is a form of respect to your school. That's why at "first" we are in school, to Study and to know what is right and wrong and to know our limitations. Why can't we just wait for the right time to dress on what we want?! Thats the problem to our youth, they are so desperate to do what they want even if it is not good and "appropriate"

  • Not certainly, but yes.

    We should. My good friend, who's a popular girl, one time wore spaghetti straps and didn't even get in trouble. But we should have dress code. What if a guy shows up naked, wearing a c*nd*m? What if a girl shows up in a bra and p*nty (I dislike that word)? See? Kids should have their own sense of style? I came here to have an education, not to see what's in and what's not. This isn't a fashion show and definitely not America's Next Top Model.

  • Dress codes should stay.

    When I was younger I used to think it was better to have own clothes but now I think otherwise. I think it could be bad for students as in this generation younger people judge by fashion and style meaning that it could just be another tool for bullying. It can often cost lots to have a variety of different clothes meeting different styles and themes just to stay fresh and new. Although I know how much my parent s spend on a new uniform every year it's a lot.

  • Yes dess code is needed

    Dress codes in school are definitely needed. Without them anyone could wear anything which is an obvious issue. The dress code at school does not necessarily have to be strict but it does have to exist. A good compromise allowing freedom to choose what to wear and not offending anyone is the way to go.

  • No, students should be free to wear what they want.

    No, students shouldn't have to follow a dress code. Let me start with the girls. The dress code of most schools mainly applies to females. First is the top. Lots of schools, including mine, says that you may not wear "spaghetti straps". What is wrong with seeing a girls shoulders? There is NOTHING sexual about shoulders. Next, we have shorts, skirts, and pants. Shorts are not allowed to be higher than mid thigh, or shorts then your fingertips. This is ridiculous. Some girls have longer arms, some have shorter legs, or the opposite. What is wrong with seeing legs? Again, nothing sexual. The same rules apply for skirts. Now for leggings. Some schools say no to leggings, while some its okay. Leggings are comfy and very easy to wear. AGAIN. Nothing sexual. And stomachs? NOTHING SEXUAL.
    Now for boys. I have NEVER seen a boy get dress coded. EVER.
    We need to stop telling girls how to dress, and not teach boys to respect and not sexualize females. This issue can be reversed, but it is more common that girls are dress coded and sexualized.
    I would love to see your responses to this issue, so please comments on this post, and we can talk. Thanks.

  • No dress code

    I don't think we should have dress code. One reason is that it does not promote self esteem, instead, it shows we should change and be shameful of our bodies. Another reason is, it supports rape culture. Instead of showing girls to shame our bodies because "boy will be boys", they should teach men to treat women properly. Finally, the schools don't buy our clothing, once they do, then maybe, just maybe then should we have a dress code, but for now, my clothes, my rules. In conclusion, all these reasons support why we shouldn't have a dress code.

  • Women are not the problem

    If a female student is dress coded, it's probably because a teacher or student saw a male student or faculty member looking over at the female student with 'googly-eyes'. Women are not the problem. The problem is men who can not keep their dicks in their pants. Men : stop thinking with your penis and start thinking with your heads.

  • Kid deserve to wear whatever they want!!!!!!!!!

    The reason kids should be able to wear whatever they want is because they should be able to dress freely! They are also learning what to wear and they are limited to what they have to wear. That is why i think that kids should be able to wear whatever they want.

  • Being naked? Fine with me.

    I think there should be no dress code because i like seeing pretty girls wear whatever they want whenever they want. So i am against dress code because some people have amazing fashion and maybe we want to see it. Especially the ones with good bodies for sure, you know what I'm saying.
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  • Macho Culture vs Expression

    The macho cultures supports the idea that it's a girl's fault if she's harassed because what she wears. This idea is absurd and sexist. Guys do other things besides seeing what girls are wearing. Plus, girls don't usually dress up just for guys. They want to express themselves and feel alright with how they look.

  • Students should get to know their own sense of style.

    Everyone wearing the same thing sucks. Dress codes suppress individuality, thus seeming to say that everyone should be the same, not that people should embrace their true personalities and interests. Though dress codes help the school look professional, what is more important: that people look put together, or that people look unique due to their personalities.

  • No, students should have choice.

    No, we should not have dress codes in school because students will be more likely to want to go to school if they have a choice in what they wear. Students should not have their creativity stifled, because it makes them have to conform to state standards of the way they think they should behave.

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edias323 says2014-04-24T13:44:59.750
If you look at dress codes you notice that the codes are more enforced onto girls. I think the problem is society and that we have over sexualized the women's body. Boys are made to have pants up and sleeves. But girls must wear long skirts (which are hard to find in stores and inconvenient), cover bare shoulders (which is another reason that females body are over sexualized), bra straps covers, no leggings, over excessive pants, shorts must be a 'modest' length (what gives them a right to decide what is considered modest, this is their own biased opinion), hair must be natural, no excessive piercings, ect ect ect. Why are girls being so forced upon with this biased idea? It is not our faults that society has corrupted the way a female body is. So what!? They are breasts? They are butts? And legs? Why is this considered too sexual and distracting? It is not our problem. Drop school codes. Don't restrict us.