• Equality is the proper starting point

    In looking at the picture, It was initially tempting to say that equity is preferable, But if one considers the graphic for a bit and applies logic, It should become immediately apparent that those boxes could shift from the equality perspective to the equity perspective at the will of the characters. The material is provided, The individuals decide how to manage the material.

    Posted by: dbox
  • It's a false dichotomy

    We need to have both. Who wants to be equally squalid? We need to have equality with a minimum standard of support that will lift up even the poorest people to an acceptable standard of living. This means that each kid in the picture should get two boxes. If the big kid wants to sell his, That's fine, But the little kid needs two boxes just to see the game, So everyone should get two as a starting place. Tax the rich.

  • Equity is silly.

    Equality is what you want. It is right and 'equal' equity is sick and turning the world into a bad place. Equity is seen as equality but is inequality, Equality is seen as in inequality. For equity to work, One group is disadvantaged. Feminism and laws regarding women are a good example or equity. A lot of the time equity is a problem.

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