• Biological and anecdotal evidence supports it.

    Aside from the obvious genital differences, men and women are physically different in many ways.

    The first way is how each sex's brain is wired. A males' brain is wired in such a way that makes them able to do a certain task very well, while a females' brain is wired for redundancy. This difference of wiring is the reason (or at least a major factor of) why men tend to be the scientists in society. That being said, a females' brain wiring allows her to have much less damage in the case of brain injury, as the rest of the brain can take over the tasks that the damaged part cannot.

    The second way that I will bring up is muscular growth. Males are naturally physically stronger than women, which is why men are normally doing the physically laborious tasks like military work and civilian 'blue-collar' work. Anecdotal proof of this can be asserted in a case whereby a misandrist group sued a fire station for not allowing women on the force. When the station lost the lawsuit and was forced to allow women to tryout, it became quite obvious that the women were unable to do the physically demanding tasks that the men could do with much more ease. Women on the other hand are more caring than they are strong, which is why women tend to be the hospice workers, and nurses of our society.

    Therefore while gender roles do not need to be legally enforced in our society, then benefit society as a whole by allowing the right people to do the job best suited for them. It's the same reason why there is a whole branch of psychology dedicated to designing those personality tests that people have to take when they apply for a job.

  • Gender Roles are natural.

    Let me just start by saying that I no way mean that women should be stuck in a kitchen, cooking, cleaning, and raising the kids, but really, some things are just the way they are. I'm not attacking women, nor am I being misogynistic, but some things should stay the same as they always were. A picture of a woman cooking with her husband behind her with a suit and a briefcase is in no way harmful to society, contrary to popular belief. It may be somewhat inaccurate but it isn't harmful to society. If you think it is, just please, rethink your entire life and stop being so sensitive.

  • I think it's good. & we should.

    Honestly, I feel as though we should have kept the traditional gender roles within our families. The male should still be the protector and sole provider. I do not think we have to stay home all day while the male works outside the home the entire day either. Nor don't see women having to cook and clean as a horrible thing. I love to cook & clean, I don't see why so many young women get so offended by just the thought of it. I feel like It's okay for a man and woman to both work, get college degrees -etc But, I feel men should still have the role of being our Protectors, defenders, lovers, ... All the good stuff masculinity gives us! I think feminism has destroyed a lot of men, especially the younger recent generations, MY generation. (THANK GOD, I HAVE A GOOD MAN.) but yes, there are so many women asking "Where are all the good men?" Well, they haven't grown up. They have not grown up partly because of the immense impact of feminism. Feminism is NOT a good thing to me. I am a female & I feel as though Feminism degrades us instead of helps us, hurts us, abandons our true selves, and turns us into "victims." The near-obliteration of traditional gender roles, have left young men and young women equally resentful and polarized. “Men are confused about what’s expected of them, and don’t feel that they have a clear social role.” That’s because women have usurped those roles and been celebrated for it while men have been, at best, lectured about the need to reimagine masculinity, or, at worst, openly dismissed as no longer necessary and even becoming obsolete. There are plenty of amazing, successful, faithful, beautiful yet VERY desperate women in society thinking good men do not exist anymore. Fortunately, they DO! It's just tremendously difficult finding them because of all the puffed up, defenseless, insecure, confused, emasculated men who feel useless roaming the streets everywhere. Their immaturity is reflected and reinforced by Hollywood, making men feel worse while making women feel like all men are disgusting immature pigs. Being a good husband does not equal "whipped" & being a great wife does not equal "sexist, unequal." Will it ever end? I'm afraid it won't, not until society and media stop celebrating & promoting these horrid actions, lifestyles and choices as good. Until bad becomes bad again, until traditional is no longer seen as sexist, It will be hard for people to find a relationship to keep & it will be hard to keep a relationship. Also while it's on my mind.. This doesn't mean that women cannot get a degree or a job, and it doesn't mean Men have to be unattached, afraid of intimacy, or unwilling to show emotion. I don't know where people get this stuff. O.O

  • Modern American gender roles reflect individual identity choices, not the converse.

    Gender roles do not seem to be created by any individual or group laying down a law, or even recommending a policy. There are social roles in families and jobs in the market place that tend to be filled by people predominantly of one or the other sex. Most social workers are women and most engineers are men. Women are more likely to choose to care of aging relatives and men are more likely to choose to fix or build things around the house. Overall, women are more likely to choose roles that involve taking care of people, and men are more likely to choose roles that involve building and adrenaline.
    Whether these tendencies are based in nature/biology or in nurture/socialization is irrelevant. The tendencies exist, and they reflect, in aggregate, the choices and preferences of individuals who could just as easily have chosen otherwise. In fact, many do choose otherwise. (I was a Child Protective Services worker, (80 women and 3 men in the building where I worked.) My sister-in-law is a police officer.)
    I am not saying that all women should always do X and never Y, and that all men should always do A and never B. I firmly believe that society is strongest and most peaceful and productive when individuals find our own places based on what we believe fulfills us. All I am advocating here is acceptance of sex-based tendencies and tropisms in every society. We should accept that people tend to create and gravitate toward gender-based roles, and let go of the rancor and reactionary dogma against it.

  • There should DEFINITELY be gender roles!

    Men and women are VERY different, aside from the obvious differences. A mans brain is designed to be more logic oriented to solve problems and create systems, while a womans brain is more emotional and they can take care of people better and they are more empathizing. It is called the empathizing–systemizing theory. Most men are systemizing, which is for basicly gaining knowledge, and crating and anylizing a system. Most women are empathizing, which means they have a lot of empathy and can work better with other people and their emotions. Men are more likely to be good at math, while women are more likely to be good at poetry. Men and women are just very very different from each other, so logically they should have different roles in society. A woman being a engineer or a mechanic doesn't make sense, a man being a caregiver or a maid doesn't make sense, but the reverse makes a lot more sense.

  • Probably we should

    The biological differences between women and men are quite obvious and it is inevitable that these will lead to group differences on average. As we then simplify the world to apprehend it the stereotypical roles appear. As people are lazy they will readily embrace them instead of making their own decisions. Which will reinforce the roles somehow.
    Changes in society and technology will on the other hand make roles evolve (physical strength for instance is not as important as it used to be) but I do not think that we should actively do something.
    Who are we to know what is best for others. Just make you own choices, define your own role and see what happens. If it appeals to other they will follow your example.

  • Different Physical Capabilities

    Men are physically superior than women, (biologically speaking, on average. Obviously there are exceptions). Although some may think that jobs like police officers, fire fighters and military personnel are mostly made up of men, anything that requires physical strength will always be in favour of men. To argue otherwise will only serve to weaken the protection of police officers, the capabilities of our fire fighters and the effectiveness of our military. Men and women are different, get over it.

  • Biological and pyschological capabilities

    First of all not all roles should depend on gender. For example, getting a degree and a PhD should be allowed to both genders. If a man wants to be a nurse or a women wants to become president, there should be nothing wrong with that. Both sexes should have equal rights and opportunities. However, it cannot be denied that there are some roles that one gender can perform much better over the other. This is because, men and women do have biological and psychological differences and these differences allow each gender to perform a certain task more efficiently. Just as women have the role to bear the fetus, they also are able to care for their child more. This is due to the chemicals released hen the child comes out. It cannot be denied that women are able to care for the child more than men since they have the milk to breastfeed and due to different hormones that were released when the child came out. Women should therefore have the prime role of caring for the child. However, this does not mean that men should not be able to stay home and care for the child as well. All it means is that, naturally, women are more effective at this. I believe that men should also play a role in raising the child, but most of it should be done by females since they are more naturally capable of it. When it comes to work, both men women should be able to work. However, after pregnancy, since some women are still weak, men should be in charge for taking care of the women by working outside in order to provide for the child and her. Also, he should take care of her and help if she ever needs something. Another role to point out is that men should be the protector of women. This does not mean that women cannot protect themselves. What I'm trying to say that in a relationship, between a man and a women, since men are naturally stronger, he should protect her from, lets say an attack or from any danger that may exist. Thus there should be some gender roles, and this is due to each gender's unique biological and psychological capabilities

  • Truth is Happiness

    The first point which has to be made is that it is not true that women's gender roles only existed because their husband told them to. Rather their husbands told them to because they had gender roles.
    It is also not true that people should always be able to do what they want. There are many cases where people want to do things that are detrimental to society and indeed we stop them doing it. Now if it is a great servicer to society to have gender roles and a disservice to break them then it makes perfect sense to stop people from breaking those roles.
    It also doesn't make sense that since a woman or man can do something of the other gender well, that they should break away from the general gender code. A man who can cook will not become happy my doing all of the other feminine roles.
    The issue of 'non-binary' simply misunderstands gender. Biological Sex determines Capabilities which determines Gender. Identity confusion then MUST be the result of serious psychological traumas.
    Of cause many times it is immoral to forget gender roles. If a man knows that he is more capable than his wife of fending off an intruder and he leaves it to her, he is putting her in danger and thus yes, he HAS to be the one to do it.

  • More efficient society

    Think about history. What happened in the Soviet Union? No gender roles and no success. Then let's think about Nazi Germany. They had strict gender roles and they were very efficient. (I know, they lost the war.) And now to my real point. When we just guide kids toward the professions they are good at based on biology, we create efficient and strong countries. But note, I don't want to force anyone to go against their interests. Imagine... A boy wants to became a nanny. It is very female orientated profession. And he gets bullied in school because of his dream. If he then decides to not come a nurse, we can conclude that his dream wasn't very strong in the first place. If the boy decides to go for his dream, he will became better nanny as he is more motivated, because he wants show to the bullies that he can be anything he wants. That's why we need gender roles. For the sake of efficient society!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Because Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    We are all born equal in dignity and rights. It does not make you any less of a man if you cleaned the house for me nor does it make me any less of a woman if I repaired your car. Really, each gender is equally capable. There is no logical reasoning as to why a woman should be restricted to homemaking just because her husband tells her to.

  • No we shouldn't

    Just because your biologically different from some doesnt mean you should have to play a certian role in society. If someone wants to do something, then let them do it. People should be able to choose what they want to be, not be born into it. Im female and i want to go to collage and get a degree. If you men have a problem with that screw you. Its my life and i should be able to decide MY future.

  • It makes no sense

    I am female and I have no ability in cooking, sewing and so on. But I do well when it comes to verbal work and so on. Yet the males in my family cook much better. Women are not better at household things and men are not better at non household things. Everyone needs to learn to do what they need to do to survive.

  • Its just unnecessary?

    No one made gender roles a thing. We, as humans are the only species on this Earth that uses gender roles. Other animals don't, the only reason mothers take care of the children in the animal kingdom is because they have the milk and the nutrients that are needed for the children. Also, we are the only species intelligent enough to think of more than our survival and as such, we've created these ridiculous boundaries that discriminate and oppress other genders, based purely on what's between their legs.

  • Just be a person.

    Just be whoever you want to be and respect other people enough to allow them to be whatever they want to be. If we allow people to be who they are then they can live happy fulfilling lives and will contribute more to society, which is good for everyone. Don't peg people into roles based on something arbitrary.

  • No, we shouldn't

    While we typically do adhere to the stereotypes we have, unfortunately, been given, there are still people who do the things that those of the opposite gender do. And they can do them just as well, if not better. It's not that women are better at one thing and men are better at the other, it's that society has imprinted us to believe that we shouldn't or can't go outside the norm. Sure, we may have advantages in certain areas, but that's not to say that we aren't just as capable as anybody else. We're slowly but surely making our way to a society where people can be who they want and act how they want. So let's just hope we continue on that way.

  • Modern Society Doesn't Need It

    Modern society has already blurred the lines of was is socially acceptable for women and men alike. A few decades ago, women weren't allowed to wear pants, hold political roles in the government, hold high positions in business, and were unable to take on many of the roles of men. Likewise, men have become more open to expressing themselves emotionally, and looking to the support of their friends, female or otherwise. People are allowed to have their own opinions on what a woman or man should do, but it shouldn't be based in gender roles that have continually been changed to emphasize the society that incorporates them but has not since around the 50s. Sandra Bem created the BEM androgyny test to show her thesis that people (men, women, and everything in between) are actually more happy and productive when they possess qualities that are "traditionally defined to both genders." What Bem showed through her test is that a woman is no less a women when she possesses traditionally masculine qualities, and that a man is no less a man when he possesses traditionally feminine qualities. Gender roles are outdated in our modern times and only cast a negative light on those who don't adhere to them. They hold no ground in our society.

  • No it's sexist.

    Just because I am a man does not mean I have to ask a girl out, propose marriage, fight an intruder( I won't even dare to) or fix stuff. Let people be themselves. That's the beautiful thing about life is that we are all different from each other and not because of gender but from being ourselves.

  • No it's sexist.

    Just because I am a man does not mean I have to ask a girl out, propose marriage, fight an intruder( I won't even dare to) or fix stuff. Let people be themselves. That's the beautiful thing about life is that we are all different from each other and not because of gender but from being ourselves.

  • NO, I don't think so

    In today's society Gender role don't play any role. Women are able to do anything a man can do and a man can do anything that a women can do. Today, a man can cook and clean and a woman can be a engineer, scientist even women are joining army. That was back days when people didn't even gave a chance to women to show their ability to do work. Now we have our women rights and nobody can make us to stay at home. A women can run their own house without a man.

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