• Yes probably :)

    Was kinda 50/50 but after assessing on my own... :) i am not sure if my reasons are worth mentioning! But yes under very strickt measures and standards. For example be "illigal to make a child posses organs of animals" and not in any reason meant for experiments! Since life isnt own by anyone.

  • I think it's a good idea as long as a biochemist does not take it too far.

    There are a lot of people with chromosomal and genetical abnormalities. What about Autism, OSD HDD, ADD, ADHD, Narcolepsy, Epilepsy and borderline behavior disorders not to mention all those kids that have rare cancers and die before they turn 7 and I believe that genetical engineering can help cure those types of diseases.

  • Depends the type.

    If it is choosing the sperm and egg that show it can develop the most intelligence, I am in support of that. Though this might eventually come I am agaisnt choosing a babies hair color, eye color, etc.

    However this also shows up a great chance to help ourselves.
    We can stop genetic diseases, upgrade our immune system to wipe out disease.
    The possibilities are nearly endless.

  • Upgrade everyone to the highest

    First we need to experiment on animals to make sure we don't hurt babies. We should also keep up the research so we can use gene therapy to change adults. And this should all be made as available to everyone as possible to prevent a giant gap between rich and poor.

    "Disease" is socially relative. A world where everyone has an average IQ of what we now would call 200 would consider someone with a 100 IQ (100 IQ from our world's current perspective) mentally challenged. What ever improvements we know how to make and once we know that it will truly improve and not harm then we should start using the improvements.

    Some may object that you need someone to be the janitors or fast food workers. Yes, but this way everyone is on an even playing field regarding ability and only effort will determine where you end up in society. Then only willfully lazy people (or people with odd preferences, or maybe you are working at McDonald's as part of a long-term ongoing comparative anthropological study of the working environment you decided to do just for fun because you're so smart) will be working the bad jobs.

  • Probably would fix a number of problems.

    Disease, physical deformities, crippling mental conditions... I can see the good this would do. If we could avoid all of those things, there would most likely be less abortions, less children in foster care, and just overall better results. The only con to it would be some scientist might take it too far... But that's hardly enough of a reason for me to say "no" to genetically engineered babies.

  • Yes we should.

    We should have genetic engineering in babies because it can help cure a lot of diseases that have to do with genes and chromosomes, such as preventing lung cancer and intellectual disabilities. I believe this is a good idea so that we can revolutionize the world and stop these diseases that are killing thousands each day.

  • Health reasons ONLY

    Assuming that eliminating genetic diseases is included, then it should be allowed, but for health related reasons ONLY. For any other artificial enhancements, simply no.
    First of all there is no way in the realm of ethics why a person should be born the way another person wanted it to be: genetic engineering for cosmetic reasons is simply contradictory to our moral principles.
    What about making babies taller, smarter or stronger? Surely this would allow everyone to be born equal?
    As idyllic as creating enhanced superhumans are, this would be a horrible idea.
    This would enhance inequality between the rich and the poor, which is already problematic enough, as only the rich/privileged would have access to such enhancements, which would lead to conflict. It also would cause discrimination and segregation between the 'regular' humans and those born enhanced.
    Let's assume magically that every human being have access to genetic enhancements, which is only feasible in fairytales; everyone making their babies into their perceived paradigm of perfection. This scenario too would spell disaster:
    Attributes such as 'attractiveness' and strength or intelligence are only relative. An intelligent person only seem intelligent because of other 'less intelligent' people around them. Making everyone 'perfect' would destroy society as we know it, ignoring the narrow genepool and its problems which genetic engineering babies would cause.
    Human society is balanced by the indiscriminate nature of genetics, which produce unique individuals with different imperfections. Life would be monotonous and dreary if genetic engineering is to go uncontrolled. Also let's not forget that this scenario is impossible in real life.

  • No we should not.

    Engieneering babies would mean that thousands of people would have no choice in anything. They would be engineered to fit a certain job. In lots of countries, male are worth more than female, so there would be more males than females in the long run and it would be very hard for the human race to reproduce. Genetically engineering babies makes them less than human beings. They are more robot, or machine than human. You would be able to make it so they wouldn't make any mistakes, which isn't human.

  • Not needed at all

    Kreakon was right, people would be engineered and we don't really need more people. These people would be discriminated against because they weren't natural. These people wouldn't have any choices left at all. They may also have genetically engineered super intelect, so by "birth" they would have an advantage over everyone else. They may even be treated as second class citizens in some countries.

  • No, in the long run that will backfire.

    Of course, in the short run it seems appealing to have a baby made to order in terms of sex, eye color, abilities, etc. However, in the long run this is going to backfire on humanity itself. Those of us who do not live up to some ideal may find ourselves or our loves ones made redundant.

  • Violation of freedom

    If someone is engineered, the little freedom not decided by genetics is forfeit. An engineered humans life would be determined, their very existence meaninless and surprieses in life nonexistent. It sould also create disparity between peoples. Do you want to be overthrown and cast as a weakling into a category of imperfect humans? Our imperfections should be glorified, they are what make us humans.

  • Look at Krypton..

    Ok, well but the point is we would eventually just engineer people for suitability to a specific purpose and role.
    This would likely lead to every child being altered to fit a role & the future planned for them.
    Soldiers with enhancements for strength & aggression, etc.
    Scientists altered for intellect but ugly to keep there popularity down....Just kidding : p ?

  • No, it's not natural

    I do know we could cure many diseases, but a lot of people could let the power of being able to alter these babies in what ever way go to their head, and there could be some dangers in the DNA that makes a situation worse. It is not humane to make a precious child something that is potentially unnatural, and maybe even harmful.

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