• Yes, if it is not harmful.

    Green foods like vegtables are usually very healthy for people and pose no threat to them. However, if there is some green food out there that is not good for us or dangerous than maybe we should reconsider it. At the moment though they seem fine and I think it is something we should have.

  • Human beings are Omnivores

    The animal known as the Human Being has two types of teeth in its head – canines for tearing and shredding meat, and molars, which are like bovine teeth in the fact that they grind up ‘greens’. Our bodies require proteins found in meats, and the vitamins plants create from the soil and sun. Without vitamin D, which is commonly found in most greens, a person would eventually go blind
    or develop diabetes.

    This goes back to our nomadic ‘cave-man’ ancestors who were opportunists – they ate whatever they could find.

    One cannot change the physical fact that you are born a human being. Just because someone doesn’t like ‘greens’ doesn’t mean they don’t need them.

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