• Yes, green roofs are really nice if you can have them.

    Green roofs are becoming more common in highly populated areas, like big cities. People are planting gardens on rooftops. This is a wonderful way to expand green areas, especially in areas where streets and skyscrapers have taken away from the natural world. In other to have them, though, people need to contact professionals who can determine whether or not a roof can accommodate the added weight from soil and plants.

  • Yes, Green Roofs are Beautiful and Good

    Green roofs save energy, fight climate change, and beautify the neighborhood.
    They save energy by reducing heat loss, because the insulation of rooftop plants
    and their roots lets less heat escape than a conventional roof does. In summer,
    planted roofs reduce heat gain, so less energy is wasted on air conditioning. The
    plants of a green roof filter out pollutants, and reduce the carbon load that
    burdens the atmosphere. Properly designed green roofs are beautiful, from folkloric
    styles in Scandinavia to hypermodern roofs like the one atop San Francisco’s
    Academy of Sciences. Green roofs are glorious.

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