• Only psychological testing.

    Being discussed ad nauseam aside...

    Psychological testing is the only gun control that should be allowed, as it will prevent those who haven't done anything wrong in the past, but that harbor a SIGNIFICANT psychological disorder from obtaining firearms. All types of non-chemical/biological weapons (they are only weapons if used, if you ask me) by the 2nd amendment are protected, so therefore any further control beyond testing it out of the question.

  • It can't fully prevent crime, but it can drastically lower it

    Look. I understand that gun control can't stop all gun violence. But it being in place can help make sure that only people who are unlikely to commit crimes with guns are able to buy them. You can also control where people can get guns, allowing for more accurate background checks. Or we can take a leaf out of the Japanese gun control book. Basically, if you want to hunt using a gun, you have to: a) pass the background check b) pass a usage test that proves you can handle a gun safely and get a license and c) "sign out" the gun and return it within the period or you will face criminal charges. This system resulted in only SIX deaths by gun violence in Japan in 2016. We're not taking away guns, but we are making sure only the right people have them.

  • Guns Should Be Eliminated and Only Be Given To The Military!

    If you hunt, I'm sorry but there are other hunting weapons (like a bow) that are less dangerous to society. I know that Gun Control hasn't been tested, but in the olden day seemed like everything was happy and everyone trusted each other. In addition, they had plenty had plenty of meat when they hunted with bow. BAN GUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • No brainer here..

    The statistics say it all. We as a country sometimes put blinders on, and because we refuse to see the truth, we instead choose to live in perpetual fear of the unknown. Countries that had bad gun violence in the past (Australia) have drastically reduced crime rates because of significant, targeted gun control laws that we could have passed had we followed through on it. We have never followed through, and as a result we have more gun violence than any other first world nation, and more gun ownership than any other country in the world. Like I said, we live in fear.

  • Gun control in very important

    Being rated as an Expert Marksman at a military base, I can positively assert that a gun must be controlled at all times. A steady hand, proper stance, and controlled breathing will help one hit the target every time. Proper handling and positioning in regard to recoil, barrel rise and sighting are also very important.

  • We already do, but should have more.

    Both the type of weapons available and the candidates for weapons ownership have been regulated throughout our history, and will continue to be regulated. I am in support of expanded universal background checks insomuch as they are limited enough to prevent private businesses and sellers from gaining access to protected health information. In addition, I am not opposed with high capacity magazines and assault weapons being kept in armories as intended by the Second Amendment, for use if necessary by a well regulated militia to secure our free state.

    But jimbobjimmyjoe having a stockpile of assault weapons and untreated mental illness? No. Should not happen in a civilized society.

  • Clearly, some control is needed.

    We certainly need some form of gun control. I agree that felons forfeit their right to own a handgun. That's a solid gun control measure. I also agree that using a gun to commit a crime should be outlawed, thus creating additional penalty and justifying a more severe judicial prowess.

    I mean, we all agree that "some" gun control is needed, right?

  • I am tired of the mass shootings and non stop tragedy in America.

    It saddens me to live in such a great nation, that I love, and have to read about gun violence and death almost daily. We are too advanced and too smart of a people to let this continue. Putting even slight restrictions would SAVE LIVES. When an 8 year old girl in Arizona shoots and kills a gun range instructor, we have a problem. Yes, the parents and the instructor were not thinking and made a huge mistake. But they may have thought twice, had there been some kind of a more strict law about age and proximity at that range. And that is just one small example.

  • We should have gun Control

    I think that we should have guns because out where some people live they would need it for protection and that cops will need it to protect our lives and our country to keep us all safe and not harmed for our life they need to make sure that we all have guns in our house to keep all safe and make sure that we have no harm done to us and that we can find away to keep us all safe at all times and so I think that we should have guns only for safety to play around with and shoot for fun

  • Deadly Weapon= gun

    When you hear weapon, you think of the word ´dead 'or 'harmed' and when you hear weapon you think guns. More people have been killed from firearms than from terrorism in USA. Come on America. Use your head. More people are killed from guns than from cancer. I mean seriously, are we okay with murder? WE ARE FEEDING MURDERS!

  • Criminals Don't Obey Laws

    The idea that we need stricter gun laws in the hope criminals will obey them is completely absurd. You wanna know how to reduce gun violence? Put more guns in the hands of law abiding citizens. Quite simply, criminals are scared of people with guns. Should the criminal be taken alive, stop plea bargains, early release, and all this lawyer-ing that lets the criminal out faster.

  • Criminals Dont Care About the Law

    Criminals are like wolfs and normal people who abide by the law are sheep. The Criminal waits to strike on a person who cant defend themselves. Criminals also dont care about the, hence why they are criminals, and will get a gun whether or not the law says they cant.

  • If you make guns illegal, only criminals will have them, and that's what we're afraid of, right?

    Nothing we do can stop murderers from getting guns. If they are willing to use those guns to KILL, then they sure as hell are willing to illegally possess guns. Law-abiding citizens will not possess guns, so they cannot defend themselves. It's just like illegal marijuana. Lots of people smoke it, they don't care if it's illegal, they do it anyway, who says this won't happen with guns?

  • The Deadliest Mass was not this year, In fact it occurred in a little less then a century ago.

    The Bath School Disaster of 1927, Which killed 38 elementary schoolchildren and six adults and injured at least 58 other people. The weapon used to commit this atrocity was not an Ar-15, It was something so simple that it could be created in a chemistry lab, It was a bomb, Specifically 1000 pounds of dynamite. If you take guns, People use other weapons, More effective weapons.

  • Don't be ignorant, Read this.

    Gun control is a wide definition that can reference many types of gun control, Of course, There is the most popular one, BAN guns, Then there is banning some guns, Then making it harder to buy guns, Then mental health checks before purchasing a gun. All these forms of gun control work in theory but have never been tested in the U. S. So if we take our only example of another country who has banned guns then let's look at Britain. Britain banned all firearms in the nation and with no exception too, Since then they have started banning other "weapons' that have since become the main tool for criminals such as knives and basic work tools. However there crime and murder rate has spiked insanely, Almost tripled in fact. Gun murder only rose and robbery and burglary have reached hundreds of millions in damages. So If we do the same in the U. S then you'll see the same results inevitably, And put this country down the wrong road.

  • People kill people

    Guns are banned in England how does that work they have just moved to knives to kill people with guns don't kill people people kill people in England there were over 37000 knife related crimes and only 6600 gun crimes before the ban the government will never have full control of guns. People who kill dont care about the laws

  • People kill people

    Guns are banned in England how does that work they have just moved to knives to kill people with guns don't kill people people kill people in England there were over 37000 knife related crimes and only 6600 gun crimes before the ban the government will never have full control of guns. People who kill dont care about the laws

  • We need protection

    If you take away our guns we cant protect our self from criminals. The average time it takes form the cops to respond is 18 minutes for a school shooting arming teachers would help them be prepared to stop this. We should stop using kids trauma to push a political view.

  • Lawbreakers don't abide by laws

    When someone decides to go and shoot up a school or a public place, they are breaking an immense amount of laws, and will then not abide by any more laws, so putting restrictions on guns, you are stopping the people that could be defending those people that will get shot. Don't make laws for people to break

  • I just don't think that we need gun control:)

    There are lots of opinions in here on the NO side that I think made sense. At first, I was a total gun control person but now? NOOOO? :) Anyway... Go check out the other reviews! We got some smart people on this planet. Go do it now! :) :)

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