• I think I must have guns!

    As an American the right to keep and bear arms to described as a right I am born with and that the government may not infringe upon. The Heller case made it clear that the right is an individual one like speech or religion. Without this right all my other rights are an illusion. The government can violate any of my rights at any time unless I can do something about it. I know this sounds extreme but the point in the Second Amendment is to protect you from the police.

  • The only way to end gun violence it to completely eradicate them and anyone who knows how to make one

    Say we make guns illegal. A criminal, being someone who breaks laws, is going to break said law, get a gun, and kill everyone. Now say we give everyone a gun. One other man (the criminal) starts shooting and boom. Five others are already aiming at the bastard.

    Now say there is a kid who wants to kill the others in his school, so, he looks for a gun, but, guns are illegal. Does he give up? No, he does everything he can to get one, or, he uses a pencil to stab everyone.

    Guns are not meant to kill innocent people, guns are meant to protect them, and guns are used to protect them.

  • Only thing that will stop a bag guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

    Why do people keep thinking that getting rid of guns would solve all of our gun problems?? The only difference it's going to make is that there will be no good guy/girl with a gun to protect him/her or people around them. You can't just sit there and wait for the police to show up to protect you. Do you really think criminals will follow the law and stop using guns?? If someone breaks into my house, and they're threatening my family, and I happen to have a gun near me, I'm going to use it. Guns don't kill people, people kill people.

  • For protection against anything

    Guns are tools, it is not the gun's fault that someone wrongly uses it, it is the person's. Guns are good because they can be used for hunting, and the places that have anti-gun laws don't affect criminals, they're going to murder someone so does it matter the them if they get life + 10 years?

  • Guns are not the problem, People are!

    Even though guns are used for things like shootings, If we get rid if them, How are we going to get rid of the ones that already exist? So if we do that and make it so that you can't buy guns anywhere, How are you going to protect yourself when someone has one illegally? Come on people wake up. Guns are not the problem, PEOPLE ARE!

  • Of course, Why shouldn't we?

    In a perfect world where guns never existed, There would be far less conflict on a much smaller scale.
    However, Guns have become a way of life for millions of people around the world, From people that use them to hunt, Sport shooting, And for defence.
    It is sad that we need such a dangerous and potent tool to be used in the prevention of crime, But there are bad people with guns and they are going to continue to use and make these guns on underground markets. So taking away guns from the majority of good people who use them when the great majority wouldn't even think about using one to commit any sort of crime no matter how serious is impartial and outright rude. Each law that places further restrictions on guns only goes to restrict and bully the millions of law-abiding citizens while only being a slight, If any, Hinderance to criminals no matter where they are.
    Thank you and goodnight,
    -your friendly hs student

  • Guns don't kill people, People kill people

    You cannot fire a gun without releasing the hammer, Igniting the gun powder, Thrusting the bullet out of the chamber and into the body of another person without having a person behind the trigger. Guns are really just a toy until they're abused for their devastating power. If we ban guns people are only going to find other ways to hurt others knives, Ninja stars, Throwing knives, Explosives etc.

  • Its our right as Americans.

    If a robber comes in your house with a gun and threatens your family what are you gonna do? If you don't have guns how are you going to protect yourself? If the robber knows its a gun free home they aren't going to turn around and leave. That gives them the thought that you aren't going to do anything to protect yourself. Yes you can come at then with a knife but trust me, You won't win that battle if they have a gun. You can protest and suggest guns getting bad but people will still find a way to get them. "Guns are the most dangerous weapon in the world. " First of all, Guns don't kill people, People kill people.

  • If army destroyed

    We should have guns because if the US army was tooken out the people would be there to annihilate the Nazis! Also, We should because we need protection, Its not the guns fault we have shootings its the people! We can prevent shootings from happening. We also use guns for hunting.

  • Guns are protection and for hunting.

    Guns are always used for hunting. Maybe if you had to have a permit to buy guns it would be better. People talk about the mass shootings and gun control, Well I believe if we ban guns a lot of homes wouldn't have protection. If we banned guns, Then what would the action movies be like? They probably wouldn't put guns in those movies.

  • If we didn't have guns, the problems that we use guns for, wouldn't exist any more.

    Let's begin by giving some scenarios in which guns are used-

    In war, shooting somebody who is shooting at you.
    Protecting somebody against someone who has a gun.
    Protecting yourself against an armed robber.

    If we didn't have guns, then no one would be able to shoot at you, or at the person whom you are protecting, and they wouldn't have a gun with them while robbing your house. People say that we need guns to keep ourselves safe, but we don't. If the person who you are protecting yourself from doesn't have a gun, then you wouldn't have to protect yourself.

  • Quite simply no

    Unfortunately, the fact is that human beings are violent and even if we abolish the production and use of guns, people will find other weapons to use against one another. However, it's a step in the right direction. Guns serve absolutely no purpose- why have something that can only be used to harm or kill? I know Americans argue that they have the 'right to bear arms', but you only have to look at the difference in gun crime between American and Britain to see that shock-horror: it's perfectly possible to live without guns. In fact it's actually a lot safer. In my eyes, guns are no different to swords: people no longer own swords because in today's society we simply don't need them. Guns are no different- we've evolved past them.

  • Of course not.

    As Europe as proved, there is no need for weapons in civilised society. They lead to crime, and a biased opinion that they are then needed to 'survive'.
    The "right to bear arms" Is outdated, and nowadays obsolete. The only reason it hasn't been abolished, is because the politician trying to enforce it would never get the vote, simple as.
    Civilised societies don't need guns, and prosper without them with reduced crime and a feeling of safety, As it is in western Europe.
    To be protected from the police? Then you really do have issues, and that is not solved by brandishing guns at them.
    In Britain, Policemen and women, do not carry guns, and the public feel safer and more connected to a 'traditional policemen' as a result.

  • The question shouldn't be, "Should we have guns?" The question should be, "What kinds of guns should we have?"

    "Should we have guns" poses a false argument, as if the only choice is between having any kind of gun, versus having no guns at all. Faced with that narrow choice, I'm not surprised that most people thing we should have guns. It would must more interesting, and more nuanced, to assume most people want guns, but what restrictions, if any, would you put on gun ownership?

  • Why should we ever have guns?

    Look, If you say that we have a natural right to guns, What determines that you have the right to it? The Constitution. But why was this right included? So we can protect ourselves if anyone else wants to attack us. But if you take guns out of the equation, As mentioned above, You can't get much worse than bruises in a fight. The chances that you are killed with fists is much lower than a gun. A robber can be equally deterred by taking some security measures and a knife. If the army or the police one day cannot protect us, What makes you think you alone with your gun can protect yourself? These are trained professionals who cannot handle the problem. If there is a need for guns, We'll talk about that then, But this is not 1783 and never will be again. And lastly, If you go to China, People there will say that, Well, They can't own guns. Maybe you'll say that sucks because they don't have those rights, But if you don't do anything wrong, You'll end up feeling a lot safer in China, Which outweighs the rights of having a gun. We could still have guns for hunting, But we should get better documenting of gun owners at least, Which is something we don't currently have.

  • Something called the police

    A gun's main use is self defense, If your country has a competent police force and military army, A gun is obsolete. If you say 'the police won't get there fast enough! 1! 1' then its your own problem that you don't have an alarm system that alarms the police/you are someone competent.

  • They are dangerous and you could kill anyone with it and also could kill your self with it.

    What if you are so done with that person and you just take out you gun and point it at them and you just want to shoot because you are so done with that person and you just shoot at them and they will die and you will go to jail.

  • Causing Fear Everywhere

    Honestly, Gun violence in the US has gone out of hand. Now, People have to be careful and constantly tense every time they go outside their house. Whole towns are mourning because of the disaster caused by these weapons. Why are we making it so easy for people to get such dangerous weapons? We shouldn’t have to live in a country where people can’t go outside without fearing for their lives, For the lives of their children, Friends and family.

  • We should not have guns

    Because just think about the little kids that are died because they have guns in the house and not keeping the gun away from the little kids and they are shooting them self in the face and they are killing them self. Guns are unsafe, That's what I think we should not have guns

  • No guns ever

    What will it take or how many more people have to die, Get shot, Sniped, Or get hurt, For the government to do something about guns? 1. 4 million people between the years of 1968 to 2011 and 40, 000 people just in 2018 isn't that enough. Gun violence is an issue that needs to be addressed in America. There are too many innocent people in the U. S. Losing their lives to these acts of violence. Innocent bystanders, Beautiful children, Live television broadcasters, And praying churchgoers have all been killed, As well as hundreds, If not thousands of other incidents.
    Gun have ruined of our lives but still nothing has been done about it. We all see it on the news. We all just think and forget about it until it happens to someone close to you or even you unless the government does something about it. For example at the age of seven a little girl got shot when a drive by happened and her parents were were ruined. Just 6 years of age her life was stolen away from her because of that deadly weapon that the government has a lacks of control of. They can control where or how the military acts with these deadly weapons but they can't just take them away from people. Parents are scared to send their kids to school because they don't know if they'll see their kids come back out alive. Guns have been the easiest choice when it comes to suicide not letting the the loved ones come in time to help. Lastly guns have been used for kidnappings. For example Kara Robinson she was enjoying her time at her friends house filling the pool when a man came up to her threatened her with a gun and got her in his car but thankfully she escaped but it wasn't as nice for jayme clossshe escaped from her kidnapper but he shot both of her parents died. School shootings have been the main headlines on the new. It's alway the same old story different names and numbers just rising. It kind of reminds me of a race and a trophy the most sorrow people are and how much lives you take away from the world you get and huge gift … hate, Fear, And power. This traumatizing moment has happen to thousands in the usa. These parents have been scared for there other poor poor children to go to school thinking that they will and up like their siblings … shot dead. “Homeschooling surges as parents seek escape from shootings” article says this quote “After the Feb. 14 shooting in Parkland, Florida, Vows by parents to pull their kids out of school erupted on social media, And some of them apparently followed through by making contact with their local homeschool advocates. ” This is stating that because of all the shootings unexpectedly happening.

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