• I think I must have guns!

    As an American the right to keep and bear arms to described as a right I am born with and that the government may not infringe upon. The Heller case made it clear that the right is an individual one like speech or religion. Without this right all my other rights are an illusion. The government can violate any of my rights at any time unless I can do something about it. I know this sounds extreme but the point in the Second Amendment is to protect you from the police.

  • The only way to end gun violence it to completely eradicate them and anyone who knows how to make one

    Say we make guns illegal. A criminal, being someone who breaks laws, is going to break said law, get a gun, and kill everyone. Now say we give everyone a gun. One other man (the criminal) starts shooting and boom. Five others are already aiming at the bastard.

    Now say there is a kid who wants to kill the others in his school, so, he looks for a gun, but, guns are illegal. Does he give up? No, he does everything he can to get one, or, he uses a pencil to stab everyone.

    Guns are not meant to kill innocent people, guns are meant to protect them, and guns are used to protect them.

  • Only thing that will stop a bag guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

    Why do people keep thinking that getting rid of guns would solve all of our gun problems?? The only difference it's going to make is that there will be no good guy/girl with a gun to protect him/her or people around them. You can't just sit there and wait for the police to show up to protect you. Do you really think criminals will follow the law and stop using guns?? If someone breaks into my house, and they're threatening my family, and I happen to have a gun near me, I'm going to use it. Guns don't kill people, people kill people.

  • For protection against anything

    Guns are tools, it is not the gun's fault that someone wrongly uses it, it is the person's. Guns are good because they can be used for hunting, and the places that have anti-gun laws don't affect criminals, they're going to murder someone so does it matter the them if they get life + 10 years?

  • Yes please its good

    I think we should have guns because I love them, The sound they make when you fire them? Its amazing! And just feeling powerful when you have a gun in your hand? If you don't like guns I respect it, But let a man have his fun. It is a beautiful thing.

  • We The People Should Indeed Have Guns!

    People should be able to feel safe in our world, By having guns everyone should feel a little safer here. I mean would you rather be useless or be able to fight and show bravery? . We as the people of the world should be able to show other people that we are better and stronger. The more people to have guns the safer this world may become. Because its not the gun that kills people its the person holding the gun.

  • Guns should be allowed

    I think we should have guns, If we all had guns we could protect our selves, So if some one if robing a place, And someone is there all they have to is wipe out a gun and then just shoot them, And not a lot of people would of gotten hurt.

  • Cause why not

    I think we should so we can drop fools who cross us or take revenge on people who hurt us and our family's. The army get them we should to i am able to get one because after all this i think i am a god damn legend. So yeah

  • Yes we should

    Banning firearms wouldn't stop the problem of gun violence. People who commit crimes would illegally purchase these weapons form someone who is not licensed. If you say that stopping them from buying firearms would halt it you would be wrong. The weapons dealer also buy their weapons illegally from another country. So no matter what we would still need firearms because they can buy weapons that can cause more damage and cause even more chaos.

  • We should have guns

    Guns are important to humans which they are needed for many uses. To protect yourself, protect others, ad hunting. Yes lots of kids die a year from guns but that cause they have to their parent or family members guns so they shoot bullies or kids they don't like. Also guns don't kill people kill people. If you set a gun on the ground is it to load itself and then shoot off no its not. That what people have to do in order to shoot. And with out guns criminals could still harm other people with other weapons including knives cars and so much more. Why get hurt when you can stay protected.

  • If we didn't have guns, the problems that we use guns for, wouldn't exist any more.

    Let's begin by giving some scenarios in which guns are used-

    In war, shooting somebody who is shooting at you.
    Protecting somebody against someone who has a gun.
    Protecting yourself against an armed robber.

    If we didn't have guns, then no one would be able to shoot at you, or at the person whom you are protecting, and they wouldn't have a gun with them while robbing your house. People say that we need guns to keep ourselves safe, but we don't. If the person who you are protecting yourself from doesn't have a gun, then you wouldn't have to protect yourself.

  • Quite simply no

    Unfortunately, the fact is that human beings are violent and even if we abolish the production and use of guns, people will find other weapons to use against one another. However, it's a step in the right direction. Guns serve absolutely no purpose- why have something that can only be used to harm or kill? I know Americans argue that they have the 'right to bear arms', but you only have to look at the difference in gun crime between American and Britain to see that shock-horror: it's perfectly possible to live without guns. In fact it's actually a lot safer. In my eyes, guns are no different to swords: people no longer own swords because in today's society we simply don't need them. Guns are no different- we've evolved past them.

  • Of course not.

    As Europe as proved, there is no need for weapons in civilised society. They lead to crime, and a biased opinion that they are then needed to 'survive'.
    The "right to bear arms" Is outdated, and nowadays obsolete. The only reason it hasn't been abolished, is because the politician trying to enforce it would never get the vote, simple as.
    Civilised societies don't need guns, and prosper without them with reduced crime and a feeling of safety, As it is in western Europe.
    To be protected from the police? Then you really do have issues, and that is not solved by brandishing guns at them.
    In Britain, Policemen and women, do not carry guns, and the public feel safer and more connected to a 'traditional policemen' as a result.

  • The question shouldn't be, "Should we have guns?" The question should be, "What kinds of guns should we have?"

    "Should we have guns" poses a false argument, as if the only choice is between having any kind of gun, versus having no guns at all. Faced with that narrow choice, I'm not surprised that most people thing we should have guns. It would must more interesting, and more nuanced, to assume most people want guns, but what restrictions, if any, would you put on gun ownership?

  • Students really oh yeah and im 12

    Yes there have been many school shootings from student sin the past year of 2018 and I don't blame any one for thinking that everyone should have guns, But because you can have guns it's easier for those students to get a hold of one. Now if they were elligal it would be much harder.

  • No guns! Fuck orange boi trumpy

    294 fucking mass shootings this year alone y'all are fucked up stupid if you can't see the problem here. If there were no guns then you stupid fuckers would not need any guns to protect yourselves from guns. Australia banned guns and there have been like hardly any gun violence

  • Guns are the most dangerous weapon in the world.

    Guns are very dangerous they have a killing streak that could not be counted now. Guns have not just threatend people but also highschools. Washington’s gun killing rate has gone down a lot because they put stricter laws on guns. The only time we need guns is protection but a person can also use a knife or other weapons or self defense. There are other ways to protect yourself not just guns.

  • It kills people every year

    This is why our children are dieing every year this is not exceptAbel in our society today family should not have to be told that their child has died from a school shootings and I hate to see them on the news in If you hear the word shooting that is not healthy for our society and our children especially today!

  • No one is trustworthy

    Anyone who has one could shoot anyone at any moment, just like at the school shooting no one sees it coming and this kid that people trusted him, and then he shoots all his classmates. Truly i know all about self defence but... People just need to be kind, and trustworthy

  • We should not allow people to have guns in all nations because everyone worrys that their gonna get killed.

    People say,"I'm scared theres to many killers i don't wanna die at all I just want to live in peace and have friends play games and football and etc."This statement concludes proves why we should not have anymore guns or anything that can hurt people in the world anymore to live in peace.

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