• An armed citizenry is the most effective way to limit governmental power.

    Guns are the reason the United States even exists today. When the British came to seize the weapons of the Patriots in Lexington and Concord in 1776, Paul Revere warned his fellow countrymen of the British plot. The Patriots gathered their arms and successfully defended their cities from the tyrants. The reason the British came to seize the patriot's weapons was so they could subdue the patriot's easily through brute force. That is why we have the 2nd amendment. It stands to prevent tyrants, foreign or domestic from taking total control of the lands and rights that we as Americans hold dear. Abolishing the 2nd amendment will inevitably lead to tyranny and the oppression of the populous in general.

  • Criminals get guns regardless of whether or not they are "legal".

    The only thing that happens when gun control laws are put into effect is that it becomes more difficult for non-criminals to purchase firearms and ammunition. If you want an increase in homicides and crime, enact gun control. Gun control limits an individual's ability to defend him/her self. You might say, "but if we outlawed guns, there wouldn't be criminals to attack you". Not only are knives still a thing, but a criminal will just break the law in order to steal or fraudulently purchase a firearm with a fake ID. Opponents of guns seem to think that laws actually dictate criminal behavior, even though a criminal is defined as someone who breaks the law.

  • What do we do

    If we did not have guns then what do we do when were attacked and almost stabbed to death are we just going to randomly pull out a baseball bat out of are pants or back of our shirts. No, we need a pocket pistol to scare him and not injure him. If he still tries then that's when we kill or injure. Would you rather kill or be killed

  • Yes, we should have guns.

    First off, for eccentricity, what will happen during a zombie apocalypse, or a war in America? Secondly, our government cannot withhold our personal property, or our right to bear arms. Guns do not kill people, people kill people. The best way to approach this is to learn gun safety, make background checks on all people who want to buy gun(s), and keep criminals from purchasing them. What is a criminal going to do when he commits a crime, and the civilians all have guns? To conclude, I will stick "to my guns and my Bible."

  • Well it isn't a choice.

    There are guns in this world. It is inescapable. If there are going to be guns we should want them in the hands of as many good people as possible. Crime is in this world. We cannot change that. Criminals say that 3/4 of the time they would not go after someone carrying a firearm. Clearly guns deter crimes and criminals. The government cannot protect you. People who are anti-gun are not actually anti-gun. They are pro gun for the state only. I don't understand this position seeing as every time a people have been oppressed, persecuted, or murdered in large numbers, they have been disarmed first. At any rate, when was the last time you saw a cop arrive on scene to stop a violent crime from happening. This is why they are called responders and not rescuers. If more law abiding citizens familiarize themselves with and own firearms, we will produce a society where criminals will be put off by the fact that the average Joe may be carrying. We will live in a society where people are confident they wont victimized by anyone who values their life. And we will live in a society where the government does not try to oppress or restrict the rights of its people.
    12,000 people were killed in 2012 by a gun, large amounts of the deaths were gang related. (and done with handguns, not rifles). Guns are used in self defense over 800,000 times a year in the US. Try to weigh that one out.

  • Yes you morons!

    The places where major school shootings happen are areas regulated against guns, because criminals don't care if they break the law to get the gun, and since we would care we are defenseless, so they attack there to kill the most. EVERY school shooting that went wrong could have been fixed by just letting the gun be in the hands of the GOOD GUY TOO. Guns are tools, and just like knives they are dangerous in the wrong hands. Also your information and statistics are wrong there were not that many unless you count across the whole of AMERICA, where just as simply HIV kills and takes by infection more than 636,000 people, and where cancer is the leading killer. Also i am guessing you live in urban areas, so you don't know where you food really comes from. That gun or rifle, will hunt the food you need, e able to start a fire for you, and defends our farms out here in Nevada from coyotes and other predators that foolishly attack our cattle. Guns are JUST TOOLS and ANY TOOL in the RIGHT HANDS is useful. However ANY TOOL in the WRONG HANDS is just and dangerous. Are we to blame a gun for the man's actions, what we SHOULD do is stop the man not the gun, in fact, were guns were outlawed crime went up, prices on the people who are good and bad went up, yet gov. got more money (i wonder why, sarcasm) and the gun shootings went up even more, criminals don't care if they break the law, they are going to kill a large group of INNOCENT people with that weapon, most of the time they then commit suicide, what do they care about buying the gun illegally?

  • Guns save lives.

    Two reasons we should have guns. One we law abiding citizens may not be able to get a gun because of their background check but other criminals will simply get the guns they want illegally which leaves us even more in danger. The second reason is that in these hard times most people will need a weapon to hunt for food if the economy is going down than they will need a weapon to defend against wild animals too I know I'm just a kid but I also KNow whats happening to my country and I'm not gonna sit and watch while the whole thing goes wrong.

  • Guns should be banned.

    How is the answer to saving lives, give guns to the people with the "RIGHT HANDS". How would we know who these people with the "RIGHT HANDS" even are? Most of the high school shootings in the United States would've been prevented if guns were illegal. Guns are used to kill, that is the only purpose.

  • Guns are a great equalizer

    They help women who are being beaten by their husbands, and allow weaker victims an opportunity to hurt their attackers without sistaining what can be life-threatening injuries. Without them the stronger or more numerous people will always be able to hurt the weaker people in our society. People who support gun bans need to realize that guns will always come over from Mexico. America is not an island where you can just remove all guns and then no-one will get shot again.

  • Guns are meant to harm, not help.

    Guns are dangerous weapons, meant to kill. However, in public situations, they are even more deadly. After the New Town Connecticut school shooting, many people wanted to arm teachers with guns. Many people say that they need guns to defend themselves. However, if criminals didn’t have guns in the first place, the people wouldn’t need guns to protect themselves. More guns are not the solution to guns. From the year 2000 to 2010, there were 165,068 homicides. 111,289 were caused by firearms. Knives came in second at 20,503 deaths. More than 90,000 in difference. It is not a matter of if children are taught to use them or not. The shooter at New Town knew how to properly handle a gun. There were no signs that he was homicidal. He had a clean record. But, alas, he killed truckloads of children and teachers. Children and teachers who would still be alive today if guns didn't exist. Ok, let's say that it's all people's fault. We're all violent and homicidal. We'd just create a new weapon if guns didn't exist. Yeah, well maybe we would. But getting rid of guns is the first step of a positive change in human nature. There are people that want peace. The most devastating weapon has been the gun. If we get rid of that, and a new weapon comes out that's even more dangerous, we'll fight that too. A massacre such as the New Town could not have happened if the attacker was using a knife. Yes, there are other weapons, and yes, there will be other weapons, but there is a high chance that none will be as devastating as the weapon known as firearms. You still don't believe me? I'm not saying that I can change your opinion, or even that you should change it. I'm just stating the facts. And they're that guns have been one of the most destructive weapons humans have ever created.

  • Remove guns, give swords.

    If you're thinking of banning guns, ban them altogether and everywhere (to make it fair) and swap them with swords instead. Rather than being cowards and doing quick kills, we might get to see a real fight.
    Otherwise, leave this case aside. Nothing's gonna happen. Guns will still be traded around, regardless of anything being done. It's all about being scared and shooting to save your own life, and same applies for the bad guys. Nothing really changes here. Just give candy to one kid and more will ask.

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