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  • We should not have homework.

    Homework is a waste of time. Students do not like to do homework, and teachers do not like to grade it. Of course, students should review class work and prepare for future activities, but this can be done at their own pace. Evaluations of students can be made based upon their performance in class. Most people recognize homework as meaningless work to keep kids busy.

  • Homework is Pointless

    It causes stress, frustration, and has no benefit (scientifically proved, may I add). Alfie Kohn has the best argument for it. He has even written a book about it! His main points were that it does not help the student better retain information learned, and it keeps them from going out and playing and acting like kids should! It causes stress to many students, and frustration, and when they can't find an answer, they may even feel like a failure. These feelings can often result in clinical depression (because they feel like an idiot) which can even lead to suicide in some cases.

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