• Internet Privacy Encourages Innovation and Free Speech

    When potential, talented minds have a great idea, the internet allows people to research a topic quickly and establish a project. Without internet privacy, these people's ideas could be easily stolen before they reach their potential.
    Because the internet is private, people feel better about sharing their opinions and feelings with each other. This helps create online forums :) and discussions of any topic people wish regardless of your age, gender, or race. Voices that wouldn't be heard are put to the public.

  • We should be guaranteed our Internet privacy form government.

    We have to surf the internet freely. So, Government should promise people's internet privacy. I think that is foundation in law. But, some times, people have not to surf internet freely. Because, he (she)'s surfing in internet can bring about crisis of states. In this
    moment. Countrv have to restriction one's free.

  • It's your constitutional right!

    The government can't barge into your house and ransack everything so why should they be able to do it on the Internet. I t c l e a r ly v I o l a t e s y o u r r I g h t s so why should they be able to do it?

  • Um, I somewhat disagree.

    I mean, honestly I joined this side just because I was that the first NO comment was made by a high school student (just like me), with absolutely no supporting the argument, which kinda saddens me. But oh well, let me argue for this side. Sigh... Never mind. I have to go since I'm in the middle of class and my second period is about to end.

  • I Am The 1%

    Cuz i Can. Also i am a high school student that fully agree with internet privacy but this is just a joke so no hate. I fully agree with everyone who said yes, i must say that this a joke and sorry if has harmed anyone, have a good day

  • I think I’m the only real one right here

    There should not be more security. FERPA is an act so when you are 18+ your parents have no right to how you do in school. You have to give them permission if they want to find out. What is wrong with that? I’m in high school right now and I don’t understand it at all

  • Every one gives their information away

    Everybody complains that the government is looking through their internet. In reality, most people put all the information that your upset about them getting on public places such as Facebook. The information that these people are upset about the government getting is only worse than what people put in the spotlight themselves in the cases where shady activities are taking place, and do you NOT want them caught? It's not like the government will shout to the world "This guy is having an affair!" and unless you are actually doing something that concerns the government and the safety of fellow citizens, the most that will change is that you get adds that are relevant to you.

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