• Yes yes yes!

    I think they should be in the schools. It's so much safer to me ! I would feel a lot more safer knowing that no knives are in school ;-) do you know how many people are bad a ton right? Please agree with me if you think it's right

  • Yes, we should

    This is a more complex issue than it appears to be. I believe that if we treat our students like criminals, we are grooming them to actually be criminals as adults. However, with the media sensationalizing those that commit mass murder in school, it is almost appealing for a teenager to go into a school and shoot their classmates. A metal detector could remove some of this risk until a better school system or violence prevention is put into place.

  • The affects of armed police officers, metal detectors, and armed teachers would change our environment would be a safer place for kids to learn.

    If we have meal decetors in every school then the shoting in Sandy Hook school wouldnt have happend. It would determen how many kids would be safer thoughout many distcicts. If a kid comes in the school with a gun in his or her backpack and shoots most of the kids in the school would be in danger this would be proviented if we had metal detectors nation wide

  • There is no point

    If someone wanted to sneak a knife into school, then they will do it. You are only stopping people who don't really mind, and would leave objects at home. People with malicious intent would through knifes over fences and collect them on the other side, metal detectors wont stop them. Also it would cause delays getting into schools and would cont a lot of money. It might cause some people to feel safer, but others will only feel that suddenly there is a problem that wasn't there before.

  • It wouldn't help at all.

    It's just another way that schools think it will "help" because most shooters aren't even from the school like in Sandy Hook as the shooter wasn't going to the school as a kid and even then would he had cared? No, he would have just done then same thing, it's just a things schools do just to think it will stop a shooting when most shooters aren't kids from the school

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