• yes we should

    Yes, I think that the obesity problem that we have here in the USA is a major problem that we need to start working on right away. i think that it is going to cause a whole lot of health problems in the very near future if it is not fixed.

  • Yes, We should have more advice about eating well.

    There are a lot of people both in the United States and other countries that eat unhealthy. Unhealthy eating habits causes a lot of health issues and diseases, obesity, heart disease, and cancer to name a few. We should have more advice from physicians and other health care professionals about what foods are healthy to eat and beneficial effects of those healthy foods.

  • We should have more advice about eating well

    We should have more advice about eating well, and the education of the average 'joe blow' should possitively incorporate a much more involved and thorough study of diet and nutrition. A full understanding of the value of nutrition and the major role it plays in the intracacies of the processes of the human body when taken into consideration with the other two aspects of a good health awareness and thought , namely sleep, Nutrition , and Exercise.

  • Yes, Proper Guidance and advice Necessary

    Of course Americans need more information about eating well. Otherwise we wouldn’t have an obesity problem.Advice on healthy vegetarian and vegan diets to ensure you have a balanced and varied diet, including essential nutrients .Advice for vegetarians and vegans on keeping the costs down when shopping for food means cut your budget.

  • I do not believe that we should be given advice on eating for a few reasons.

    I'm going to assume here that you mean the government giving advice. I think advice is fine, but that isn't what we get. We get interference in schools and such to "help" students, but it doesn't help because the skinny kids get screwed over and the fat kids go home and gorge on food.
    Another point I want to make is the fact that it doesn't work because people just post fake ways to get skinny that don't help and sometimes just get you fatter.

    But sure, advice would be helpful if A) It wasn't another Internet lie and B) People would actually listen to them, which is why I doubt government advice would ever work.

  • No we should not have more advice on eating well

    From the time that studies on obesity became news headlines, the public has been bombarded with nutritional facts, exercise videos, and fitness centers. I believe that people know how to eat well, but choose not too. There are also people who cannot afford to eat healthier items. Eating well is not the only component to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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