• I love poo and think that we should eat it too

    Number one. We all poo at some stage and why waste food when theres people starving in this world. Think about the people who need to eat and can't. This is why we need to eat poo, Because we can limit what we eat and have enough food for these who need it most. Come join me and say yes to eating poo.

  • More days off

    Students need way more rest than adults think. Maybe their child spends 5-6 hours at school but schools like mine spend around 8-9 hours. Teachers are constantly giving me countless assignments and I don't have much time to complete all of it before bedtime due to extracurriculars. On weekends, children still have activities and we only have one whole day to rest. Life as a student is hard these days and it would only be better when there is more time to rest and spend time with family.

  • More Days Off

    As students, we definitely need more days to rest after doing so much homework. Most children have activities even on the weekends leaving them with only one day to relax. At my school, the teachers put pressure on me and keep giving me countless assignments. I'm on debate.Org right now because I have a debate on this topic. Life is hard at school these days and the perfect solution is to have more days off.

  • We should have more days off.

    Schools should have more days off because kids only have so much room in their brain, education is not even on the government standards list, the Government does not invest in schools very much, and kids need some time to spend with family. I am a student. I needed information.

  • School is great but has some limits

    School is great for getting to the in depth situation of life however, school is not even viewed as important in government standards, teachers struggle for well deserved pay checks, yet nobody really seems to be doing a thing about it, school also doesnt teach children everything that isnt written in National texts books, just things the state decides to put into a book following the spoils system created by President Andrew Jackson, school just limits the creativity a chld truely posses, considering that nobdy fully understands what they want to be until they make into highschool, and once your in highschool your either smart and too busy for friends and hangouts, which causes less sleep for the teens who have long term projects to finish or homework because they hand some extracurricular activites they did afterschool and came home late. School lunches aren't all that healthy for a child, a good 7 out of 10 children would bring lunch from home or rather skip lunch altogether. What exactly do people learn from school is not an issue it's how the government is not taking the time to improve the school system which in turn, could benefit those who would rather dropout, or those who can not graduate, college is no different, just a debt waiting to be made, 1 in 4 college students pay off their debts before they die, and usually those debts are passed down to their child if they have any, why put your own chilld in that situation to pay off your debts. School days should be meant for teaching what the child wants to learn and what really interests them the most, not forcing a bunch of days on a kid making them learn a bunch of subjects and expect them to use that knowledge in society when about 70% of that knowlegde is not needed for real life scenarios

  • School is educational and all but it's really boring hard to wake up so early for it .

    School is the single most hardest thing I have ever been through in my life please someone switch the weekends with school and the weekdays with weekends that would be the best thing I have a ever felt in my whole life and I would a lot more sleep thank you for your time

  • School is educational and all but it's really boring hard to wake up so early for it .

    School is the single most hardest thing I have ever been through in my life please someone switch the weekends with school and the weekdays with weekends that would be the best thing I have a ever felt in my whole life and I would a lot more sleep thank you for your time

  • To much work

    I am a 5th grader and spent 5 weeks not seeing my best friend because of to much homework i already work my butt off doing chores and homework swim team and boy scouts so i don't need something else to don like homework kids should have more time to be kids.

  • Our brains hurt.

    My mind is constantly ringing in school, more and more as the days go on. The constant weight of homework has been pushing me away from everyone else in my life more and more, and i feel with more away time from school all of these problems would be fixed. I'd be able to get sleep, get homework done, and finally the ringing in my mind and ears would stop.

  • We should have a week off each month

    We need more days off because then we can hang out with friends and we can't do as much stuff than we can do at home and other places and we can't have as much fun than at home and just sometimes school is boring so i hope people understand

  • No, school should be more often.

    Kids are getting further and further behind in school. We keep lowering the standards for a high school education and college degree. This denigration of our educational system needs to stop. The only way to fix this is to make kids go to school seven days a week all year. They are to behind to have any days off.

  • American schools already have an adequette number of days

    In the delicate balance of learning, I think we have arrived at an adequate number of days. Most US schools run about half the year. The extra time is needed for social activities, and reflection on what they've learned. Extra times needs to be allotted for planning and cleaning of schools. Don't fix it if it ain't broke!

  • Student have too many days off from school already

    No, I do not think that student should have more days off of school. The United States is falling behind other countries in the area of education because of our education system. Our students seem to spend more time home playing video games, then actually being in school learning. In the end, I think that we should have more school days to include Saturday school.

  • There is no way!

    Students have too much time off of school as it is. There is no way that more days off should be allowed. Students already get a week at Christmas, a week in the Spring, all the major holidays, weekends, as well as the entire summer. It is a shock to most working adults when they enter the working world and only get one or two weeks off a year. We might as well prepare students early.

  • More Days In School

    I believe we should try to teach children as much as possible before they go to college, or maybe even add college to the standard grades that everyone is expected to go through. Overall, I think it would be better to have children spend more days in school. This would help them acclimate to real life as an adult, when you rarely have summers off, much less a week at some times.

  • School is already too short.

    There's no way I would ever support more days off school. The school year is already too short, to the point where kids forget half of what they learn over winter break, and most of what they learn at the end of summer break. I would actually favor a year round school system.

  • There are already too many days off

    School students get two days off every weekend. They get 12 weeks of school holidays, they get student free days, public holidays and teacher strikes.

    When they go to work they will get maybe 2-3 weeks off a year, work longer hours and so on. If kids get too many days off its going to be a mighty big transition for them when they enter the work force.

  • Less Time Off if Anything

    No, students don't need more days off from school. First of all, if school is going to prepare you for the real world, keep in mind that there aren't many days off when you are working. Also, academic concepts build upon one another, so too much time off will necessitate too much review so that the previous foundational concept is fresh to be built upon. I would be in favor of year round school.

  • Off too much already.

    Kids are of too much already. Supporting evidence? America's mediocre test scores vs. China and India. Can you seriously justify more time off when America's kids lag behind Internationally? How do you suppose America will continue to be the leader of the free world when our children can't even compete with other countries academically.

  • No because students need more time to finish off homework and also need some spare time

    The reason why is because students aren't happy with the amount of work they get given so they need to have time to finis or start homework. They also need this time so that they don't get overwhelmed by the amount of work they must finish by a certain time.

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