Should we have more sports teams at our schools?

Asked by: alexrox792
  • Yes its right

    Little kids have lots of energy that they need to get out. Having more sports makes them get out there energy. It is a natural stress reliever.You can do sports at school in a safe manner. Some kids love to do sports and they should be able to do that.

  • I think elementary schools should have sport teams

    Three reasons are they learn to use teamwork with more than one person,secondly they can make and get along with new people,lastly the kid will get more exercise so they get fit so they are stronger and would like to do it more often so they also get healty and more active.

  • Schools should have more sports teams!

    Schools should have more sports teams because most parents have to worry about driving to get their child then driving their child to their sports class, then driving home and waiting for the sports class to be over,then driving back to the sports class then driving back home. When there is a sports team at your child's school, you will just have to drive three times! When there are sports teams at schools parents worry less about driving to much. Also if your child's friend is at the school sports team parents can take turns carpooling so there is less driving for parents. I know for a fact parents get tired of driving all the time. That is why schools should have more sports teams!!!!!

  • We need to be active.

    If we are not active we can not have fun. If you are not active you are a lazy person and nobody wants to be called lazy by anyone. Not their parents, not their piers,nor their cousins. Not all students can play football, soccer, or basketball. Our sports need to accommodate everyone at school instead of just athletes. Everyone deserves to be active.

  • Sports are fun because it is amazing

    There is no argument. Sports are just too good because i like them and my school does not have any sports other than chess. So, have more sports at schools, because sports are a very fun thing to do after school because it releases the pressure from everyone. Do it

  • Everyone deserves to be active!

    We must add more sports and a greater variety of sports to schools. We need to add sports that everyone likes and sports that everyone can play. Not all students can play football, soccer, or basketball. Our sports need to accommodate everyone at school instead of just athletes. Everyone deserves to be active.

  • We need more sports at our schools!

    We need more sports at our schools! We can't have most sports at our schools just because of safety concerns! Sure, they let us play football... For thirty minutes! Most football practices or games have to last for at least an hour! Come on, people! Give us our sports now!

  • Some schools can't afford it

    I don't think high schools need more sports. The more sports the school has the more money the school doesn't have to fund other things needed for the school. Other sports will have money stripped from their program that is needed to keep playing, like equipment and food, and con flicks between coaches would increase to fight for players. Even academics could be hurt, with limited funding due to extra sports, the school and teachers may not be able to aquire things needed to have a better learning environment.

  • We don't need more sports zombies

    Students can be fit, without playing sports. There are things called fitness units in PE class where everyone is active, yet no sports are played. When sports are played, people can slack off, as there are always clumps of lazy kids who walk in groups while the other students play. After-School sports make a social system, where atheletes are at the top, and those who don't play are at the bottom. The people at the bottom are basically brain-dead people who worship the atheletes. The best of these atheletes get to steal college spots from academic students, even though these atheletes have terrible grades. The best of the college players go into major leagues, where they get millions of dollars, and numerous injuries. After the Major Leagues, they retire, and the injuries get the best of them, so they get certain health issues, such as dementia, far before most non-atheletes do. End this vicious cycle by not adding more sports teams.

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