Should we have multiple specialized Congresses?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • Politicians are basically professional liars

    To be elected in this country, you require very little actual understanding of the anything and the legislature often passes laws with enormous unintended consequences because of their arrogance and lack specialization. Specialized congresses would encourage the public to elect qualified representatives to each office, which would improve efficiency, and increase quality of legislation.

  • Get more done; Let voters be more selective

    We could have a general Congress that only takes care of things like making new Congresses and anything they don't cover and then a Foreign Policy Congress, an Economics Congress, an Education Congress, an Environmental Congress, and perhaps more.

    This way you could vote Democrat for one Congress and Republican for another if you wanted and with a narrower focus things would actually get done.

  • We Don't Need Any More Abuse of Power!

    If this country voted for a democratic senate and president, they'll screw this over, too! The only chance we have of saving this country is voting the democrats out of senate next year. Another congress would just lead to a more powerful dictatorship. We need something that will balance the power, and literally be by the people for the people. This isn't the solution, and neither is the mess we have now. This is going to be like the Fall of Rome, once the internal structure starts collapsing, your whole country will fall. We need more focus on the internal structure, not just our external appearance. We need people who will actually care, not someone who wants to be the big shot. We need out of this mess we're in. And we as a country need to come together and calmly agree on a solution, with no racial tensions or hatred towards anyone for any reason. We're all humans. This country was created as One Nation Under God, but with the way we're headed, we're becoming One Nation Down Under. WE NEED GOD! JESUS IS THE ANSWER!

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