• I want humanity to explore the stars.

    We will never become a space faring race without world unity. No war, less poverty, less capitalism mindsets, more humanity centered thinking. This is the future, if you impede it you are harming progress and in effect, preventing end of starvation, racial hate, gender bias, and war. Look to the future, one world government is Utopia, cant you see?

  • It is possible

    Why so many people have a problem imagining a governing system that is in charge of the entire planet is because they are trying to imagine a new government based upon the existing structure of the old one. For example, in the United States, we have not a democracy but a democratic republic. We don't make decisions for ourselves; rather, we vote for people to make decisions for us. This was an effective system when the United States was first conceived. The population was so dispersed, and communication so difficult, that the most effective form of government was one that localized power to a select few. Fast forward to today. We live in a world that becomes more and more connected every day. Communication is almost instantanious, and everyone can (with access the proper resources) be "plugged in." Why don't we create a new form of government? One that the citizens vote for representatives, but is also fully transparent. The citizens would have the opportunity to go online to a central "hub" and vote on issues directly. They would have the ability to navigate through local and global issues, and would be able to overturn any political action taken by the representatives by a majority vote. This would help to prevent the corruption that can run so rampant through the systems we currently have.

    A global government is possible; and if we want to progress as a species, it is necessary.

  • It can work

    There are 196 countries in the world. That means a parliament/senate if you wish with 196 members. A lot of minds and ideas to make the world a better place. All that remains is to get rid of greed and selfishness. Banks, big oil and pharma companies need to be put in thier place.

  • Absolutely, this will work...

    Imagine a world where you, your kids and even pets are chipped with a biochip. Everyone knows where and what everyone is doing. The only people who oppose a one world government in which everyone is connected to via chip, would be murders and child molesters. Who cares if everyone knows where is everyone is at all times? The future is bright and satisfying

  • One race, one world and one government for all!

    We are the human race and our common goals are evidence that we should work together to achieve them. Wars about land claims and the superiority of one people over another would be no more and the collective need to use the worlds resources would make us organize and manage from a whole world perspective. Each perspective region of the world would have equal representation on the world council and the needs of every region would be of equal importance. There would be no immigration, all the worlds efforts would be employed to deal with land waste, natural disaster prone areas, ecology, managing the food supplies, crime, etc. The world becoming one through a universal government and monetary system is the obvious answer to the divisions we face today.

  • Advance humanity further than ever before

    They could keep their countries as states similar to how the US works and have one elected government by the states. It could be a world republic that would have no war, poverty, or limitations. If we ever made contact with aliens humanity would look weak if we didn't have one.

  • We need it, but we have to work HARD to get it

    Firstly, as a race, it is obvious that we need to be united. It isn't easy at all. All the ethnics, cultures and racism would make that hard enough. The Head of the Planet needs to be a small council, since I understand it's impossible to have 1 dictator or 1 ''president''. Capitalism should NOT be neo liberal, there MUST be regulations.
    Moving one step further as a species means abolish our individual beliefs. That is the key to human progress. Communism isn't the answer, but a state regulated capitalism might be.

    Another thing is organisation: not political divisions. Let's avoid making the same mistakes twice. The divisions should be Ethnic and cultural. Re-organise Africa and Eastern Europe.

  • The question is "Should we have one world government?"

    My reason for reposting the question is not to take up space, but more to be clear on what we are answering here. Because of the way humans are there will be issues, distrust, and war. Most people do not want to work together to make things better for the rest of the human race and its for this reason I say there will not BE a One World Government.

    However yes I believe a world government is the way to progress as a race, via it for once in our history really look at the world we live in, see what the bigger issues are, work on them, and not have war in the way. War this is the biggest part of what makes takes money and resources from countries, be it the small 3rd world country that suffering in the wake or wars past, or the developed world that looks on it as an option to get involved in world issues if it is an issue it gains from, the oil, gas, even water and food.

    I one world government that could put money to uses that are better for the human race, help bring about a better world where we work together to make war a thing of the past and all that extra resources can be used to the benefit of man kind and the world as a whole.

    Think about that extra money and resources going to the places its needed, I sincerely hope there was a One World Government and our kids would see how we can work together and in return just may be in time people would see a completely different side of human nature.

    Its almost 3am here and I am going on but I guess my main point is that I feel we should have a One World Government, is it going to work? Now that's a different question. I do not believe at this time it will work, and maybe not work for a long time to come, and that I think is the sad part.


  • End to ALL War

    Imagine peace ,no more war , jobs increase , spending of military weapons can be redirected for good use like helping the poor , we can all focus on medicine curing cancer ,no more nuclear weapons ,technology increasing drastically ,of course we need law to put the dictators out of power some thing like a regional system would work ,but all these could be even more than our imagination if a one world government happens

  • United we are strong, divided weak

    It's like a basketball team, playing as a team and passing the ball is way more powerful than a team full of people trying to play one on one. Ball movement is the key to success. Just imagine 5 Kobe Byants fighting to shoot the ball. That's not a pretty sight.

  • Government Of the People, By the People, and For the People

    Our rights (life, liberty or freedom, and the pursuit of happiness) are given to us by our Creator. Government is in place to ENSURE WE MAINTAIN OUR FREEDOMS. Do you remember the Declaration of Independence from a Tyrannical Government? Do you remember that men and women have fought and died to protect our freedom in America. We have so many people forgotten the purity and rich heritage we have come from?

  • this is what the bible warned us about.

    For those of you who don't believe in god and want a one world government, is only fulfilling his prophesy. You don't believe in him, but are starting to do everything that he has said will happen in the future. Its only a matter of time before you realize the truth.

  • It is wrong on so many levels

    NWO = Slavery, no independent countries, no race, no culture, police state, no freedom, genetically modified food, social unrest etc, etc. What sane human being wants all of that? Only greedy, evil, Zionist freaks/bankers/corporations who want to take over our planet want that, because they don't have enough already... All people have to do is stop going to wars that have nothing to do with them; we are all being played off one another - there are no terrorists, only evil governments who want us to do their dirty work and make a hell of a lot of money in the process. There also needs to be a huge world wide strike against low wages - peaceful yet probably the most powerful kind of protest, if everyone sticks together. Without us, they are nothing.

  • Human nature says no

    It sounds wonderful to "imagine all the people" living together in harmonious bliss, but when has that happened? The United Nations, with its toothless Security Council certainly doesn't bode well for a one world solution. The reason centrally run economies always fail is because economic decisions are made by billions of people every day. Those decisions are what determines supply and demand in a reasonably free market. No person, persons, or army of persons can determine what those decisions will be, nor can they determine what price levels will sustain economic activity, even in a single country. So, with hundreds of countries, different ethnicities, religious beliefs, social customs, etc., what possible forum could express all of those different needs and desires. The closer any government is to the people it governs, the more accountable it will be held. This pipe dream is held by people who think Roman civilization was the epitome of human development. People who don't bother to know history. People who falsely assume that we need overlords. They spew diversity out of one side of their mouth, and conformity out of the other. What's most pathetic, is that these are the supposedly "cool" people. Lemmings.

  • Big Government Fail

    The government closest to the people truly rules best - Thomas Jefferson
    Even in the supposedly great Republican Democracy of the United States, government inefficiency is staggering, taxes are overbearing, and unity is unknown. Why would anyone want to accentuate the problem and grow the jurisdiction and size of government?

  • No, we should not have one world government.

    There should not be one world government because the international population as a whole is too complex in needs and views to reasonably be governed by one group. Either one faction would take control and impose their values and needs on the rest of the population or force acculturation of the rest of the world population on some level. Furthermore, the economic disparities between countries would be destructive to developed countries. The current system is sufficient in which there are numerous countries and a central forum (the UN) to monitor globally significant events.

  • First Things First

    It can not work. To prove this, go to a stranger on the other side of town, and ask them to come to your house and tell you what is allowed in, around, and people allowed to reside there. And only their view is allowed you do not get a vote. I guarantee you quickly see that a world government can never exist peacefully. Rebellion would not be tolerated. Man is selfish, greedy, and spiteful. I will not conform to another man's view of how I get to live on this earth.

  • It could never function properly or smoothly.

    We would lose our rights, a free country would no longer be free. How could we support a one world gov't without upheaval or riots. There would be too many different ideas and too many disagreements for it to work. Everyone would want the power that came with it for the right to abuse it. There would be way too many unknown variables for a One-World Government to function properly.

  • Tyranny of the Rich

    A One World Government sounds good, but who would govern it? Certainlly not elections, for they would be ineffecent and easy to fraud. It would end up being governed by multinational corporations, Centeral Banks, and the IMF, one of which would be Wal-Mart, who's GDP is 26th in the world. It would be the end of all personal sovereignty and heritage, and the beginning of a dictatorship.

  • no we should not have one world government

    Things need to stay the way they are. One world government would not work well at all. There are just too many people and too many issues for one government to handle, even if there was a select few elected from each nation. There would just be no way to be able to make that many laws and keep them enforced. Things need to stay just about the same as they are now just with a few changes. The United Nations need to start firing out the treaties and make everybody happy. The worlds nations need to be more independent also. This whole i need your oil, you have cheep labor, i will kill you if you don't trade from me thing is just not going to fly. Nations should only buy/sell/trade other nations if absolutely necessary. It would be like helping out a good friend, but only help a nation if they are willing to help themselves. Things are not perfect right now but it wouldn't take much to make it so much better.

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