Should we have pet meerkats without a permit?

Asked by: turnerpike
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  • No, owning any wild animal, including a meerkat, should require a permit.

    Meerkats are not domesticated. They're wild animals, and wild animals should require permits for ownership, and, ideally, should not be kept as pets at all. While meerkats are cute on T.V., they're aggressive, and known for not making good pets. It is possible to domesticate wild animals, as has been seen in recent years with fox domestication. But owning meerkats as pets, at the present time, is unwise and should require a permit, if done at all. Meerkats kept as pets often end up being abandoned.

  • We should not have pet meerkats without a permit.

    Meerkats are wild animals. People need special training and equipment to take care of them. They could potentially be dangerous to their owners and other people. Most exotic pets require a permit, so meerkats should have the same regulations. Safety is important whenever deeling with strange, exotic animals in domestic environments.

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