• Ambition Checks Ambition

    Political parties serve an important function in holding the opposing party accountable. They monitor every move, looking for even the slightest misstep, and then give this information to voters. Without political parties, the news about a particular politician's corrupt actions would be far less likely to reach the ears of voters because the news would be lost among an unorganized political mob. In short, we need political parties to help hold our politicians accountable.

  • It's what the Framer's wanted

    When the Constitution was ratified, it was designed in such a way to encourage political parties. Political parties ensure that the minorities have a voice and are not drowned out by the majorities will. It is also designed to allow for people to learn more about political leaders without studying them individually.

  • What would we be without political representation?

    Political Parties help represent different ideas and beliefs among the people of the United States. If anything, more political parties should be necessary because there are so many arguments between republicans and republicans and democrats and democrats. If we did not have political parties running for government would be complete chaos due to the fact that its America and no one agrees.

  • Yes political parties help represent better

    Political parties are great things for a country to have. It allows people to form a group based on what they believe and where they are going with the country. If anything we need more major political parties not to get rid of what we have. The issue is that there are only two that can do anything.

  • People's political opinions are diverse

    The reason we have political is because everyone has different political views, If we didn’t have political parties then there either had to be some way that people could CONSTANTLY send letters or emails to the government which would be VERY hard to manage or there being one government which means ONE point of view means that some or maybe MOST people would be unhappy with that political party and since peoples views can change over the years parties help certain people vote for the views and ideals they believe in.

  • Clarity and General Understanding

    Parties usually subscribe to a set of ideologies and values that can easily be disseminated to the electorate. In the absence of representation, Parties have traditionally "filled the void" and advocated for the rights of otherwise under represented segments of society. Democracy is a system of which lies on a spectrum of representation. That is, There are some democracies that are more democratic then others. Countries that have no form of proportional representation, Like Canada and the USA are on the far right (least representative) while countries that apply pure proportional representation, Like Italy and Israel, Are on the left. In the case of Canada and the USA, It is argued, That parties are at the root of the control and dictatorial decision making found in each country, But in fact, It is the system of democracy that spawns this behavior and subsequent outcomes. "Mid of the road" democracies, Like the Scandinavian countries, Have the most representation by cooperation because Parties are forced to work with one another. Doing away with Parties would diminish the ability for the electorate to fully understand the diverse and numerous poisons on the multitude of areas of public interest.

  • We should have more parties

    We should have parties because children have been getting bored without having fun with each other. Also, it is because those studies show that it's not good for mental kids brain. Being active for children will get the heart moving and won't feel bored anymore. That is why we should have parties for kids.


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  • Conservation and Innovation

    United States' history, from the very beginning, can be characterized by two political impulses: conservation and innovation. We have a group that wants to preserve our heritage and make cautious change; we have a more innovative group that isn't afraid of change and wants to pursue ideals like equality. Political parties are merely formalized groups representing these impulses in the American character. Both are legitimate. And chances are, you do fall into one perspective or another. However, it worth noting that political parties cannot simply push their whole ideology because they must appeal to moderates and form coalitions among groups with similar goals.

  • Typical Voter Behavior

    Unfortunately, voters have proven time and time again that they are lazy. Voter turnout is low, especially in non-presidential elections, and most voters can't even answer basic questions about the issues that affect their country, state, county, city, etc. Political parties have platforms, and this gives the average voter a Cliffsnotes version of the issues affecting them and approaches to solving those problems. Without political parties, voters will be even less informed.

  • It is ridiculous

    The U. S. Political parties are just a big hullabaloo. The U. S. Political parties just fight for power. The power that they want is just fake. They make the people get rallied up and fight each other to see which party is the better party to be in. So it is ridiculous.

  • Then There Are Agendas

    For me, As a pretty young person, I feel too many politicians have an agenda that they need to follow or face political suicide. It might put people into a corner - what they believe is right and what will help them keep a job. And then the idea of everyone having 'secret reasons for doing things' just ruins the idea of running a country. It is definitely impossible to run a country without actual beliefs and things to follow through on (it's impossible for a president to be impartial), But sometimes it feels like the politicians are equivalent to that one kid who runs for student council president saying she's going to get the principal to stop giving kids homework.

  • It is impossible to fit into a single party when there are so many different issues.

    With so many different issues, there is no way to find a party that can properly represent all of your opinions and beliefs. If there were no political parties, people would be required to research political candidates more thoroughly rather than just picking the person from the party they choose. Often times the party people claim to align with does not match many of their beliefs, they choose the party because of the stigma around it and because they like people that represent that party.

  • If we had no political parties, moderates could vote for candidates who actually support their issues.

    Under the current system, a republican in my district will always vote for republican candidates regardless of whether they agree on the candidates platform in order to keep their party in control. With no party to support, a republican voter could for a candidate whose platform aligns with their views, such as gun control. Majority of Americans polled want background checks, want to control the sales of guns. Many of these are Republicans. However, they can only make their voice heard through phone calls or letters rather than through votes. In this way, the voice of moderates is lost and only the party line rules. If I am a republican who believes in gun control such as the regulations mentioned here in this message, I should be allowed to vote for a person who supports my views on this regardless of whether they are republican or democrat. Currently, I cannot. Why do we still need parties. With the technology available today, maybe we don't even need representatives. Maybe we should be able to do a national vote on specific issues such as right to life, gun control, etc. rather than being stuck with a representative of my vote who votes according to special interests who fund their campaigns?

  • Not any more

    I feel like people spend less time thinking about the views / arguments and more time siding with their affiliated party (of course this is a generalized statement and does not pertain to everyone.) Everything is republican this and democrat that, government shouldn't be black and white. Get rid of the parties.

  • Should we have political parties?

    With information being so readily available today and people not so easily fitting into one party any longer, why do we feel the need to divide the country even further into a party system. I see us as a much stronger country if we could simply recognize that we are all human beings who are all rooting for the same thing. Although, each of us may have a different method for achieving that very same thing. We humans simply want to be heard and to be prosperous!! Everyone seems to want to be right about their way and unwilling to see the situation from another's point of view. What would our country be like if we could all get another's point of view about anything and get that anything is possible through effective communication?!!

  • Antiquated and Ineffective

    They serve absolutely no purpose that helps the country move forward effectively. They are inherently divisive because of the attitude that what WE believe in OUR party is DIFFERENT or AGAINST what YOU believe in YOUR party. Political parties did their heels in to their best interest and stop LISTENING to what the other side might have to say.

  • We need to be more together as a unit.

    We as a county are falling apart because we label our beliefs with Democrat or Republican. What we need to focused on is nor red or blue, but what our country needs as a whole and what we can do to help the people living inside of our beautiful country. Because we can go to war, or we can be at piece and we can all be okay. But instead of worrying about what we need in order for our lives to be okay, we are worried about red of blue.

  • We need to be more together as a unit.

    We as a county are falling apart because we label our beliefs with Democrat or Republican. What we need to focused on is nor red or blue, but what our country needs as a whole and what we can do to help the people living inside of our beautiful country. Because we can go to war, or we can be at piece and we can all be okay. But instead of worrying about what we need in order for our lives to be okay, we are worried about red of blue.

  • It causes division

    Political parties work but only for a limited time. We have seen this happen with others such as the federalists and whigs. This happens because of the division it creates. For example, in the beginning, political parties will mingle and work together. However one, or both, will form the ideology that their ideas are better than the other party's ideas and soon the system breaks and we fall into a situation with no compromise.

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