• Yes, I think we should have PSLE.

    If there is no PSLE, Students will start to become lazy and would not want to study. If students don't study they cannot get a good school and job. They would not be able to support their family with low income. The country will start to have less people doing the jobs needed to support it such as teachers to educate students so it will start to 'fail'.

  • We should not have stress.

    If MOE plans to lower level of stress, They should not remove exams that occur at every end of a term, Or exams that occur at every end of a semester will only increase the level of stress amongst the primary school pupils. Something must be done. This what I have in mind.

  • It's inherently brutal and unfair to ask a 12 year old to take an exam that could potentially influence his future in many ways.

    As someone who left Singapore to study at an international school, Taking a cumulative exam at the end of one's primary school years promotes an unhealthy level of competition and stress and leads to a culture where everyone is superficially judged on numbers and letters rather than their actual personality.

    The PSLE is a microcosm of everything that is wrong with Singapore's "exam culture". Solely regurgitating information on a test does not gauge a student's level of understanding towards a subject, But more importantly, Foster creativity or individualism (which are critical skills in the 21st century). Hence, The result that often follows is that students forget what they learned shortly after an exam, And in a nation that prides itself so much upon material achievement, What good is the current system if it doesn't cater to the needs of today's generation?

    I have no doubts that the current education system was more or less the same as the ones from the past, But the fact is is that standards must change with the times.

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