• God's Judgement will rain down on Satan lovers!

    Society has recently had a very disturbing trend of shunning God. People are no longer appreciative of what he has done for all of us. Places that are more religious, are, in comparison to atheistic places with similar economic situations, safer and nicer places to live, with less crime etc. Keeping God in schools is clearly a part of the process of bringing religion back to society.

  • Church != religion

    Quite frankly, religion is a big topic. But we should seperate church and religion for this discussion.
    Religion is very important for some crowds and helps them alot. I know enough of people who found mental support in prayer groups.
    To teach young citizens the history and customs of the biggest religions is a part of general education, and for a fact is too much of a comprehensive topic to jus ignore.
    But please don't teach kids how to be a perfect christian for example, teach them comparative religion.

  • We need religion in school

    I am not saying that we should preach things in schools, but rather learn about all the other religions and their beliefs. I thino that this can bring us closer together as a society since you would know more about their beliefs and customs and in that way you will not offend anyone by making some horrible mistake like trying to give Muslims pork

  • In A Non Biased Manner

    Should there be a preaching session? Of course not! However, I do believe that we should be able to learn about religion from an objective standpoint. I've already did that with Islam, but not with any other religion, such as Christianity and Judaism. Heck, I love learning about other beliefs such as the Egyptian and Greek mythologies, so I would really enjoy learning about other religions. Plus, we already learn about Evolution, which is a creation belief. Therefore, we either learn both from an objective standpoint or not at all.

  • Yes we should have religion in school

    I thin that we should have religion in school so that we can know more about them and see what they like to eat . Maybe we can become best friends with religious people and meet their family . Schools need to talk more about different religions and we should read about their religion and learn about it.

  • Better learning experience

    We need to learn the different religions for the future I don't mean preach it I mean learn the history of it and to have kids find there way. School is to teach us later about life right? So this is how we will learn. All to let kids read what they want because the have the right to.

  • Schools Should Teach About Religion To Kids

    We must teach children about religion for three reasons. First, human beings are intrinsically religious: for thousands of years we have inquired into the meaning of life, often expressing our thoughts in the form of religious myth, ritual, and theology. Teaching our children about religion helps cultivate the art of existential inquiry: learning to ask and answer the core questions of life: Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going? And Why?
    Second, human beings often use religion to justify warring against one another. Teaching our children about the human origins of religion helps them to resist religiously sanctioned violence.
    Third, our children live in a world where working constructively with one’s neighbors requires an understanding of our neighbors’ religion. Teaching our children about religion helps them to build more stable and loving communities.
    Public school education in religion should be fact-based and nonjudgmental, resisting the tendency to pit one religion against the others. At the same time, it should be personally enriching, allowing each religion to share its ideas with students in a manner that encourages the student’s own inquiry into the meaning of life.

  • It has so much value

    Learning about religion is not just about beleoving one religion or another. Learning about religion is learning about the history of the world. The bible is a record of the way mankind developed in their thinking and the way the world developed. We can have a far deeper understanding of people of we look at this.

  • No, athiests, duh...

    No there shouldn't be religion in school. At least 10 of my friends are athiests(pardon the spelling) and the others are ignostic. What would the athiests do in situations when there is religion. No one can force them to believe in something they clearly don't believe in. When i was in 7th grade we had a long-term-substitute that everyone hated. We also had a class clown in our class who got one to many detentions and defied teachers. She was talking about an invention and he said something very hilarious, yet very offensive. She started "ranting" about god and my friends were offended. Someone reported it after she threatened to tape our mouths shut and tie us to chairs. After we had enough resources and each of them were called to the office, she got fired from her substitute job.

  • No indoctrination, but philosophical education

    I'm appalled by the idea of teaching a certain religion in school. These children are very young and moldable, and are easily brain-washed and indoctrinated. This will lead to an inability to think for themselves.

    However, I do think that children should be educated in philosophy and religion: about which religions there are, and what moralities they teach. But it should me made clear that religion is a personal issue, based on very little physical facts. This way, children will be able to choose the religion they are most comfortable with, if any at all.

    I'm very glad my parents did not force a religion upon me. And I've chosen to be an Agnost. I still find it very fascinating to hear about different religions and I'm very open to new cultures, as long as they don't violate my personal values.

  • No, it should not.

    Religion should be practiced, but it should not be practiced inside of school. Kids may have a strong religious standpoint and may get volatile if they hear people trying to disprove what they knew for their entire lives was true. In other words it would just arouse hate and conflict. Keep religion in the churches.

  • Not too long ago I was on this website I was on a topic of whether schools should be atheism.

    And I said no, there shouldn't be. Because such matters as religious belief (or lack thereof) should never be promoted in schools meant to educate. And as an atheist, I definitely have the same to say about religion in school. No, no, and no. The government shouldn't promote religious belief. Not ever. Schools are to teach solid facts. Writing. Science. Mathematics. These aren't just vague, invisible concepts like whether or not an invisible man exists. These are skills and knowledge that we use these one daily basis that are absolutely relevant in our lives.

    In talking about an invisible man, we promote the notion that he exists and that he is as valid as these things. No, he is not. Even if there is a god it is incredibly unlikely that any human made notion of him it is correct. In the darkest, furthest reaches of space? Maybe, but there certainly wouldn't be valid evidence to promote this notion as if such a being is fact.

    There is no maybe in math, science, and writing. 2+2 = 4, you know for fact the character I'm utilizing are words, and our entire world is built around our scientific discoveries.

  • Should politics be governed by religion?

    NO! So why on earth should religion be taught in school. It is nothing more than a discriminating factor that leads to bullying, and inequality among student especially in larger school settings. In my opinion any and all religious views should not be taught or brought up in any public setting other than designated places of worship

  • Why should we be taught to respect religion, when they don't respect our beliefs?

    Religion should not be taught about religious beliefs when they cannot respect others. Maybe we should have lessons where children are taught about other people's life choices, not just ONE view.
    Learning to respect another person's belief will not help in later life as students being FORCED to take a GCSE in this topic are likely to develop a dislike towards aspects of religion. Is this what we want? To create a generation of people who feel like they don't have any other choice but to believe and not have any other self opinions?

  • Certainly not keep

    Fairytales for bedtime this tripe should be kept well away from schools . It's of absolutely no value at all unless there's some merit in teaching kids about magical gardens , talking serpents , and fire breathing snakes, on the morality part I suppose God in one of his genocidal rages is not the best way to teach mora " values in young minds

  • People will get offended

    People will get in to fights and what beliefs there are for different religions such as holidays. Some religions also have different beliefs and will try to covert them.... I don't know they might. But they also might offend others and will turn into many worse things that can happen.

  • What about those without religon?

    Im sorry but we have a diffrence between chruch and state. If your religous, there is nothing to stop you from going to church or worshipping what you believe in. But if you dont you shouldnt have to be forced to pray if you dont believe in God(s). We are a free country meaning that you have the freedom to worship or not worship whatever you want

  • Not gonna happen

    The law blocks a relationship between church (or in this case religion) and state. The only exception is a private religion school. No one should pray to anything if they don't want to. I am not religious and hence, do not pray. Praying is for church or at home, not at school.

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