• We should have them.

    Same-sex schools are a separate choice for kids who think they need this. If they want to go because they think it will help, it's their choice. If people think that it doesn't help, that's their opinion. And that doesn't mean we can't have them. It's a good idea to have them because some people can be distracted in school by the opposite gender, so these schools can help them.

  • Yes of course!

    I'm 16 and I go to a mixed school, a lot of my best friends are boys. It's ridiculous that in the 21st century people are still so old fashioned that they think it is improper or whatever to mix sexes, I really don't understand their argument. Sure if that's what you prefer then fine, but if your kid wants to have a wider variety of friends, but don't get rid of all mixed schools, that would be so stupid.

  • We should have some, but not only, same-sex schools.

    Girls-only and boys-only schools can be viable options for some families. For example, if a boy is being too distracted by girls in class to learn anything, it may be a good idea to transfer him to a boys-only school. If a girl was raped, she may be terrified of males. Therefore, it may be beneficial to her to transfer her to a girls-only school so that she can feel safe while at school. Yet, not all children should be in girls-only and boys-only schools. It is beneficial for many children to be in co-ed schools so that they can learn how to socialize with both genders.

  • Um, definitely not

    Without people of the opposite sex, there would be less social skills in everyone. You need social skills to get further in life. If you are shy and secluded, you will not be "accepted" in the real world. How can you get a job if the employer is of the opposite sex and you are to shy to even talk?

  • No we shouldent.

    WE have to be prepared for the futures by working together. By working boys and girls. We can now how each other works. So we can know how we works. So thats why we should not have same sex schools. Thank you very much for listening for my opinion. Thank you.

  • No They Don't Help

    Same sex schools do not help anything. In the real world when you graduate from high school you will have to be able to work with the opposite sex. If you are a male and have a female boss you have to be familiar with working with the opposite sex, or you won't be as successful.

  • Same sex schools

    There should not be same sex schools.Once the kids get out of school they might not know how to work well with the opposite sex. In the work force there are not single sex jobs. Also the school environment would be more dull with only one gender in the school.

  • Negative social effects

    It is not possible to explain every negative effect in this argument. I do not understand how this is even a questionable topic. The unhealthy nature of same sex schools should be obvious. The American Psychological Association has published a report explaining that co-ed education is just as effective and promotes good social skills.

  • Girls focus more than boys.

    It is scientifically proven that girls are more focused then boys and when they are partners the boys start getting better grades. Now think of a class with just boys the boys would not be focused at all and the teacher would be so stressed out and want to retire.

  • We shouldn't have same sex schools

    Same-sex schools were created for a good reason but they can also bring negativity. They can hurt them socially. For example, if a boy goes to a all-boys school, he will only learn how to deal with males, not females. This can make them socially awkward. It is also said that people who stay in same-sex schools will most likely become homo-sexual. And last but no least, same sex schools are unfair to women/girls in a patriarchal society.

  • No, they hurt socially.

    No, we should not have same-sex schools, because they do not give students the chance to learn how to interact with the opposite sex. At same-sex schools, students are not learning valuable social skills that they will need. In the workplace, people have to interact with both men and women. Students should be able to learn how to do this at a co-ed school.

  • No we shouldnt

    I think same sex schools do more harm then good and we should not have them. I know people who have gone to all girls schools and they said they were miserable and did not like being segregated. I think its necessary while growing up to intermingle with other sexes.

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