• Yes we should

    I think that we should have school on the weekends because we need to be more educated and of course we need to get more smarter ok and yes I think that we should absolutely have school ok weekends ok so yeah my final answer is yes bye bye 👋

  • Nope. Absolutely not.

    Students would be much more stressed under this situation. Their brains would be practically fried. Many people might think that it would help students get better grades. It would do just the opposite. Many students already don't get enough sleep because of all the homework they must do and they take the advantage of weekends to catch up on their sleep. If we take that opportunity away, many of them are going to faint and even die without having attempted suicide, that is the excess stress implemented to their brain. Students don't succeed at school because their is something not right at school. If their is something that bores many students, their attitude and state of mind as well as their will is not the problem. They're not like that just because they want to. Something is causing it. Those who do actually try at school is because of something in their brain that makes them feel shame if they get bad grades and/or their parents intimidate them in such a terrible way although many kids also perform worst as a result of their parents intimidate them. This is why many students later on commit suicide as a result of low grades, excess stress, too much criticism from parents/siblings in all as in the many years that have passed and fear that they will keep being shamed yet worse if they do worse. Waldorf school system should be the way all public schools are. Studies show that 99.99% of students in Waldorf schools succeed and graduate as well as approximately 95% of them going to college right after high school.

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