• Yes we MUST!

    If you start wearing clothes to school. Children can compare you with others with your cloth. And this may happen because of racism. Only uniform can discipline us. It makes sure that everyone is equal and no one is unique. As children we should be pretty as flowers not as dead flowers who are in relationships. We don't come to school to have relationships. Our parents pay money to do studies in school not to just play around with your friends. We need friends I don't say that we don't! Wearing a uniform for not more than 12 hours doesn't make you uncomfortable. When your in uniform people appreciate you. And also when you're in uniform you won't be forced to do any illegal stuffs. Uniform stops you in bad things! What are your thoughts in all of this?

  • Breakin rules

    Several teens today are wearing booty shorts that are so short you see the beginning of their bottom and they think it's 'expressing themselves' and uniforms could fix that problem. If you want to be individual then find something individual to do! You can't just dress like a skank and say "I'm an individual." You should have to work up to it by having people remember you as very nice or very talented not very skanky.

  • Yes to school uniforms

    I believe that we should have school uniforms, for several reasons. The first, and major reason is, it eliminates some bullying due to what other students wear. It also brings out a certain school unity, which is important. It takes pressure off of kids to look/dress a certain way, or have certain brands that maybe they can't afford.

  • Yes, I believe so.

    I think school uniforms are good for students (for I am a student myself) yet we do not have uniforms.) Uniforms work to diminish economic and social barriers between student. Which can help with kids getting bullied. We can never get rid of bullying, but we can try. Surveys show 77% of kids get bullied mentally, physically, and/or verbally. With everyone wearing the same clothes it isn't an issue. Also, for some who say "Children wont be able to express themselves." They have weekends and breaks to wear whatever they want. School is for learning: Its not a popularity contest, where you get to show of your body, get boyfriends/girlfriends, or especially to show that you may have 'better clothes then the girl/guy next to you.' I mean come on. Having to wear uniforms also keeps kids wearing modest clothing, I believe (girls) there should be more than an inch of clothe covering your crotch from the whole school. My opinions and was a practice because I have to debate with my teacher on this subject.

  • Heck yes I feel strongly yes

    Yes kids will still find something to bully about but this will lessen the load by one. This way everyone is on the same playing field. There are at school to learn not for a fashion show. I knew a little boy who was 5 who came home crying off the bus because he had on rustlers jeans and the kids told him he was trailer trash and poor. It broke my heart when his mom told me. Why are kids so cruel.

  • Uniforms are a great idea!

    In the long run uniforms save money, diminish the most obvious social status distinctions, reduce distractions, put the focus more on academics, promote a better school atmosphere and have no negative impact whatsoever. Clothes are not what makes a kid's personality. Let a student be judged on what they really are and do and think and not on what they are wearing. These people who say it restricts the student's individuality are wrong. A student is an individual by what he does. Think of professional sports players who all wear the same uniform. What they do in that uniform is what counts. That's the way it should be in school.

  • No Peer Pressure

    I'm a student, and at my school we wear uniforms. I definitely agree that we should have uniforms, since then you cannot bully students because they are poorer than you. When you wear a uniform, you cannot tell who is "Poor" and who is "Rich."
    Also, people say that the uniform is expensive, but if you have to buy street clothes for every single day, then that will add up to much more than just buying one uniform. People, especially Teenagers, pay close attention to how they look, and this will put a lot of unnecessary pressure on them each day of school. When you wear a uniform, you wear the same clothes that look really nice when worn properly, and you do not have to worry every day "What am going to wear, I hope the girls will like it, but I also have to impress the guys".
    Also, people say that wearing casual clothes will allow students to express themselves, however they can still express themselves when wearing a uniform. Many people when given the opportunity to casual clothes will abuse it and wear inappropriate clothing, and not only will this look bad of them, but will also reflect badly on the school. When you wear a uniform, you feel part of the school community, it makes the school look good when worn correctly, you may be prepared for later life if you are required to wear a uniform then, and makes all students equal.

  • We should have school uniforms.

    Do you want school uniforms? I do. School uniforms will eliminate a lot of distraction in class. Kids are also bullied because of the way they dress. School uniforms will help schools.
    Kids are bullied every day because of the way they dress. Everyone will wear the same clothes, so the bullying incidents would significantly go down. Kids will be able to go to school safely and not be scared. In 2010, a study showed that 22% of the kids were bullied. Academic scores would go up because kids are not worried about others bullying them. As you can see, we can lower bullying incidents and make academic scores go up just by implementing school uniforms in the school system.
    Kids are distracted by clothes, so they can’t focus on schoolwork. The teacher is being disrespected, and is not getting the undivided attention that he or she deserved. The kids won’t understand the teacher. The academic performance of the students would significantly go down. The kids are also missing out on important topics. For example, if a 1st grader was distracted in class, he may not learn how to add or subtract. He would be unable to build on simple topics in the later school years.
    As you can see, with school uniforms, less kids will get bullied, and academic performance would go up. This is why I think that school uniforms will help schools.

  • Yes we should.

    If we had uniforms we would have less fights because nobody would be picked on by what they wear because they all wear the same thing, then kids would get better grades because they don't have to worry about getting picked on. That's why we should have uniforms for our schools.

  • Yes we should

    I think that we should have school uniforms for many reasons. Firstly, school uniforms represent the school and whenever you're on an excursion and someone gets lost it helps find them because you know what school uniform you're wearing. Also, we should have it because if we didn't then kids wouldn't know what to wear to school and would take 5 or 10 minutes to just pick something. And they don't have to worry about fashion.

  • No uniforms open their creativity.

    I think kids shouldn't have to wear school uniforms because kids need to show creativity in who they are, and clothes show you who a person is. I would hate to have school uniforms because kids would feel like they are in prison, plus if teachers make a kid wear a school uniform when they don't want to, the kids wont listen to the teachers if the teachers don't listen to them, so they wouldn't get an education from not listening. And if some kids want to wear uniforms let them, but let the others wear what they want to wear. Unless it's something inappropriate. So I think public and private schools should not have uniforms.

  • no uniforms and no bullying

    I think that we should not have school uniforms because everybody would look the same and u cant see if girls are cute cuz they all look the same and u would be wearing the same uniform every day that would sorta be nasty so that is y i say there shouldn

  • Uniforms don't solve problems.

    Uniforms don't solve problems. Kids will find different ways to bully others. You can take away one reason to bully, but there is still how a kid does his/her hair, how they accessorize, or if they are rich or poor. Clothes don't help kids get good grades. How kids study is how they get good grades. They aren't always the most comfortable outfits, and they can also be expensive. You don't want to be doing laundry every night. It will just be hard for whoever does your laundry (kids or adults), and most kids use their clothes to express themselves. You don't want to take away a kid's personality.

  • School uniforms are bad.

    It's ridiculous that they're trying to get kids these days to think alike. Now they have to look alike? But it's not a new concept. "I first saw it in old newsreels from the 1930s, but it was hard to understand because the narration was in German.” ― George Carlin

  • Uniforms take away individuality

    Uniforms take away a child's way of expressing themselves. And for high schoolers this can be bad because when they don't have output for creativity, they do stupid and harmful things. It also take away a kids individuality. By giving kids uniforms your making them all the same. No one wants to be the same as someone else. That's what makes us us. You wouldn't want all the pictures in the world to look the same would you?


    I think we should not to have to wear uniforms there's no point we like to express ourselves in our clothing be DIFFERENT plus money wise uniforms are expensive one last thing how come teachers get to wear what they want like what do they think we don't want freedom ???!!! Thx for reading

  • We shouldn't have school uniforms.

    Students should be able to express themselves instead of wearing the same, boring clothes every day. I mean, what if you're religious and u have to wear a certain piece of clothing everyday? How can you achieve that when you have to wear a uniform? Also, some students cannot afford it and it's not fair that teachers can wear whatever they want. It's a lack of freedom.

  • Uniforms restrict individuality

    Why would we need uniforms? We have our own wardrobe to express who we are. If we had uniforms everything would be boring and the same. If people need money to buy their kid clothes, then don't buy 5000 pairs of them!! To buy kids clothes is one thing, to spoil them is another.

  • Kids should not be made to wear something they don't want to.

    No, kids shouldn't be forced to wear something they don't want to wear, it kills their freedom of expression, plus how adults say that all kids do dress inappropriately, they don't. It takes away their freedom and rights. I know a lot of people who think that they don't have a right to what they want, but they do, and everyone who says otherwise is taking their freedom away from them!

  • School uniforms are bad because freedom is important.

    School uniforms take away a child's freedom. They can't express themselves. Also, it costs more because you have to buy two sets of clothing, school uniforms and street clothing. You would have to buy your clothing from one store. The same clothing gets boring every day. Kids don't want to wear the same thing as everyone else. They need to pick out their own clothes.

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GeekiTheGreat says2013-05-20T14:14:01.417
I want only adults that no longer go to school to comment on questions like this lol.
Anonymous says2013-05-23T23:19:42.340
I think that students should becaust make kids think responsible