• I would prefer sham elections

    I would not go as far as to say that the elections being carried out now a days would be considered a sham, but even if they were thought of in that way they can provide hope or belief on the part of voters that they are making a real impact.

  • Sham elections yes or no ?

    We should have sham elections it gives us an idea of what the people want although at this point we know it doesnt matter money is what sends the people elected through. A long time ago we may have had a say in who comes and goes in our lives today the wealthy control it.

  • the sham ones

    I think that having the elections that we have in the country are some of the most important things that we have in the nation today, and that it is really important that we keep them all going the way that they are now so that it stays all fair.

  • No, We should have no elections at all.

    If the choice were to be between a sham election and no election, then we should rather have no elections at all. I do not see the benefit in an election that is rigged an determined by a group of people instead of the will of the citizens of a particular country.

  • No elections at all

    To have elections that are not real and are only a formality would be complete spit in the face of our constitution. If they are a sham due to government involvement to have rigged elections, I would rather they just say they are a facist or communist country and get rid of the illusion.

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