• Yes, we should have smart cars.

    Yes, I believe that we should have smart cars. Assuming by smart cars that the question asks whether or not we should have technologically advanced cars, I absolutely think that we should, and they are already being worked on right now. Though we have a "Smart Car", an absymal piece of machinery made by Dailmer AG which is a waste of space, an actual "smart car" that we can interact with will be an amazing vehicle to own. There are already dozens of models of cars that car parallel park on their own, and even apply brakes in dangerous situations where the owner has not stopped in time. The downsides to such "smart" automobiles is that in order for us to be able to trust them completely, they would have to have fail-safes that they can employ in emergency situations where there is an electrical malfunction.

  • Yes, smart cars will help protect the people of our planet.

    Yes, we should have smart cars. It is my belief that smart cars will help help us humans, as a race, to stop destroying our planet and funding foreign hostile countries.

    In addition to helping the planet from being polluted, it will help certain countries' dependency on foreign oil. Therefore, helping stop the economy from being held hostage by a cartel group that sets the price of the market.

  • Yes, if we have smart planes, we should have smart cars.

    Handing over driving control to automated systems may seem scary and risky but currently, more people die in accidents involving cars than in accidents involving any other mode of transportation. These accidents and deaths are due to human fatigue, inattention, drunkenness, recklessness and just plain human error. Automated driving systems would suffer from none of these problems.

    It's also possible to have an automated system that can be overridden by a human passenger so we can get the best of both worlds. Automated systems are also already proven to work. Google is developing a self-driving car which can already be seen cruising around the San Francisco Bay Area and auto-pilot for planes, including passenger aircraft, are so commonplace that no one even thinks twice about trusting them.

    If we can have smart planes, we should have smart, self-driving cars.

  • sure why not

    Well i will list why they suck
    If you're driving one, the hippies have already won.
    Smart Car accidents often result when drivers of real cars fail to see them, or when pedestrians step on them.
    If you really are so enviromentel than drive a bike
    there is no spare tire
    harsh over bumps, pot holes, and rail-road tracks.
    Very dangerous
    Only demercrat, rap loving people from california like smart cars
    Just get a Pickup, an all american car

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