Should we have special forces in Mexico for drug cartels?

  • Yes, they kill Americans.

    Yes, we should have special forces in Mexico for drug cartels, because Mexican drug cartels have been responsible for many deaths, including of Americans. If Mexico were truly serious about stopping this violence that has terrorized their citizens, they would agree to allow U.S. forces into Mexico for this purpose.

  • To Save Lives, Yes

    The drug war is killing people. It is letting dangerous illegal substances into our nation and killing our people in gun wars. Over 34,000 people died from 2006-2010 in these fights over drugs, and over 200,000 people die each year just from using drugs. This is unacceptable! Should Mexico continue to allow this to happen, it's their fault for not suppressing these gangsters. If they had tougher laws, and enforced them, then the gang war in Mexico and the U.S. would die out. If Mexico doesn't it should be considered a hostile action against the U.S. Because their lack of action is killing our citizens.


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