Should we have strict (yes) or liberal (no) gun control laws?

  • No Reason for Tactical Weapons

    I do small game hunting and I am a gun enthusiast, but I value lives much more. If I had it my way I would ban all automatic weapons (including handguns) and unnecessary types of ammunition (full metal jacketed, buck shot, etc.). There is no practical use for tactical weapons among civilians and self-defense would be unnecessary if these weapons were thoroughly banned and removed. Home defense is a poor argument because there is no reasonably tactical way to defend your home from a break-in. Say, like most break-ins, it is late at night and you are sleeping and suddenly you are awoken from a crash in your living room or kitchen. You have no idea who it is, what they're armed with, how skilled they may be, or even how many people there are. Not knowing ANYTHING you expect, by yourself, to take them on and whether you have a gun or not you are most likely unsuccessful because you don't know what you are getting yourself into. Home defense is, literally, idiotic because you literally don't know anything other than that something has broken into your home. What I would do is grab anyone in my home (such as family, relatives, roommates, etc.), jump out a window, run, and call the police while you're at it. Not even armed professionals go into a situation without intelligence and only professionals should be armed with tactical military-grade and LE-grade weapons (that is why they call it "military" and "law enforcement" grade). All you need to hunt is a manually operated gun or even a bow and arrow if you want to be really sporting about it. I would give up my guns in a heartbeat if it meant preventing a mentally unstable person from acquiring an assault weapon for a mass killing. By advocating for lenient gun-control you are allowing mentally unstable people to go to a gun show, buy military-style weapons, and brutally take innocent lives for sport.

  • Not liberal (no) but better regulation

    All these recent shootings are younger groups of children not really thinking clearly. And with the availability fire arms in the home. I believe it is our parenting that is causing these bad decisions. But I wonder how these kids get these fire arms in the home. Some parents leave them around the house with easy access and the children are given the gun for a birthday. So it is not a matter of regulating the weaponry but training parents and individuals in Gun laws and safety.

  • Unclear question. I thought you meant guns in general.

    I agree that military type weapons shouldn't be available to the public but handhelds, shotguns and even hunting rifles should be. When I was younger a robber broke into our house we were unaware If he had a weapon or not so my dad grabbed his gun and walked downstairs thankfully our dog scared him off (he was a Great Dane) but ever since that happened I agree with our gun rights.

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