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  • Saving energy is a must

    With all of the technology available to people today there is no reason why people need to consume as much energy as they do. There are many cleaner and more efficient ways to heat and lighten up homes than how we currently do it. We should have stricter energy laws that will push people into using more efficient ways of doing it.

  • Yes, we should have stricter energy efficiency laws.

    I definitely think that there should be more stricter energy efficiency laws. I think that there are some people and corporations that are just using way too much of our energy resources. A better job needs to be done to take care of such issues. I think that it is something that is important for society.

  • We should stricter requirement for energy efficiency regulations

    We should absolutely have stricter energy efficiency laws. We desperately need such laws to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions. This is the most sensible and affordable of all the approaches aimed at reducing CO2 emissions. We would have such laws if it weren't for the oil-lobby. We shouldn't let special emissions dictate the fate of the world.

  • Yes, we should

    There definitely should be stricter energy efficiency laws in today's age. We are wasting too much of everything, and the power grid is struggling to support it all. We need an upgrade everywhere, and it all has to be efficient. Hopefully this happens in the near future; we need it.

  • Laws don't fix everything

    Laws are not the only way to solve the worlds problems. There are many ways to use less energy and people should have the free will to choose. Regulation always restricts freedom. Energy cost money so businesses are already trying to reduce their energy usage. The free market encourages reduction of energy.

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