• Guns should be banned.

    People claim that there guns are used in "self-defence" and hunting. The amount of gun crime in America is huge. If people were not buying guns then the amount of armed robberies and crime would drop. What is the police force then. They defend people its there job. Even if there not banned there should be stricter laws. Why would I need an assault rifle or high power sniper rifle for defending my self? If people want to do shooting as a hobby they should go to a controlled firing range.

  • 15-Round Clips Aren't Needed

    Time for a math lesson. How many bullets does it take to kill one home invader? One. How many bullets fit into one standard clip in a semiautomatic pistol? Eight. Why do we need clips that carry huge amounts of ammunition? We don't. It's time to limit the amount of ammo found in clips, have universal background checks and promote psych evaluations for some gun owners.

  • Guns are not safe

    There are too many accidents involving children playing with guns or accidental discharges due to careless or inexperienced adults. There have been instances where young people and insane gunmen have acquired weapons and used them to commit mass murders.
    For example a 29-year-old mother was fatally shot in an Idaho Walmart when her 2-year-old son in the shopping cart grabbed a gun that was in her purse and shot her in an apparent accident. An in Sandy Hook Elementary Twenty-six people ---20 students and six adults -- were shot and killed at School in Newtown, Connecticut.

  • We should have stricter gun control.

    It is time for lawmakers to create and enforce stronger restrictions on guns. There have been too many high profile shootings in the recent past for people to keep ignoring the problem. Today, we need to come together as a nation and recognize just how sever the problem has become.

  • Yes, we should have stricter gun control.

    Yes, we should have stricter gun control. Stricter gun laws would lead to less gun violence. There have been at least 70 mass shootings in the last 2 years and having stricter gun laws would help cut the number in half. In 1989 when assault rifles were banned homicides fell by 45 percent by the next year. That shows that stricter gun laws do make a difference.

  • All guns should be banned, but however

    Guns should be banned if criminals use it for gun violence to kill people or if mental people use guns for school massacres, but however in case if burglars invade your home, then you need a gun just to protect yourself ( self-defense) or to hunt when you're going hunting.

  • Guns Suck balls

    I my self like to shoot firearms I have Shot very many but as a American Citizen in my opinion i say we should put stricter laws on guns it makes sense. Over 90 people estimated a day die from guns from homicide to accidental ect. Ect. I know we all want to shoot those big ak-47s M-16s and other assualt rifles But for the lives of people who live in the united states lets make criminals harder to get guns

  • Yes to stricter gun laws!!

    I think that there should be stricter gun laws. The reason why is because in the United States alone, their have been 814 victims, 246 guns used and 127 shooters in the past 50 years. How many more people need to die because someone gets a little to trigger happy.

  • Ban fu****g guns

    When they wrote the constotution, there wasn't a bunch of Syrian terrorist groups going around shooting people for no reason. And you are not protecting yourself by shooting someone, you are just as bad a person as they are for "protecting yourself" with the gun. A gun stops a beating heart!

  • It's not taking them away.

    It's not taking them away, it's just making it harder to get. For example if it happens, there will be stricter background checks on the people who want to get a gun. If you think that's taking away their right to self protection, your wrong. For example, anyone can buy a knife or baseball bat.

  • Stop being stupid and look at the facts

    Check out what happened in Chicago when they implied stricter gun control laws. The crime rate increased! Finally in August of last year, they passed a law allowing people to have guns and the crime rate decreased. If that's not saying something, I don't know what is. So for all you gun control people, you can shove gun control up your ass!

  • The only thing that stops a bad person with a gun- a good person with a gun!

    At first, gun control may seem like a very logical thing to do. But think. Do you think that a criminal willl actually give up their weapons? The only thing that the government os succeding in doing is taking guns away from civilians who need to protect thmeselves fro,m criminals. If only the bad people have guns, the people of America are doomed. Don't support gun control because the only thing that stops a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun.

  • Preparedness is the key

    Point 1. Our founding fathers saw the need for protecting yourself and protecting those around you. Obviously those days they used muskets...However that's not the case anymore. Loading up 1 round at a time was used when the opposing side also only had one round to load as well. A criminal or criminals come for you or your family you need more than 1 round. You need more than you think you need because running out of ammunition is the last thing you want to happen when in a tight spot.

    Point 2. Look at Chicago, look at Australia, look at UK, look at every government in history (I mean as far back as you care to look) and stripping a people of a right to protect themselves witht the best weapons possible puts the people of that nation in hot water. Ie government control, false protection from said government and more cunning criminal activities.

    Point 3. When the day comes when everyone in the world collectively decide to not control, steal, kill one another please let me know and I'll give up my rifle. Until then I'm keeping my guard up.

  • Gun laws are destroying Human Rights.

    Just stop all the pride, and wanting to be better than each other. The thing is, people want to own firearms, not because they are terrorists, or killers, or bad people, it is because they want to hunt, they want to shoot at a fun range, not one where all you can shoot is one types of gun and one shot at a time. When the Government takes away our gun rights, you know what happens?? PEOPLE GET ANGRY (Specifically killers/gang members, and terrorists) AND KILL MORE. More gun violence. The less the gun control, the more people are satisfied and they are okay with the law. The people that do these revolts are not good people. Most gun owners ARE good people. If they take away our 2nd Amendment, then what will they take next? We will all be unsafe, because angry people try to revolt, and kill undefended people. Soon, if these laws keep coming, then we will all be sitting ducks, and then we will start dying, and terrorists find we are weakened. One of the reason that we have that Amendment is because of large-scale invasions. If some country decides to invade, we will have to wait until our Mighty Army gets here. (They really are great, the Army) If we are all waiting for the terrorists to grab our children, shoot them, and shoot us, then what are we? WEAK COWARDS AND FOOLS.

  • You have got to be kidding me.

    Gun control.. The most ignorant thing I've ever heard of. A very very very large majority of criminals don't even get their guns legally, so it's an absolute joke to even think that gun control would stop that, or slow it down to even a fair amount. For citizens to own a firearm allows for better defense against a criminal of some sort armed with a knife. While it is more likely they will have a gun, if they do only have a knife on them, a law abiding citizen could protect their self with a gun, rather than a criminal with an illegal gun (which is already a very common thing) attacking a law abiding citizen who is only armed with a knife. Gun violence and attacks on citizens or stores will be far more common, considering criminals (as I said before) almost always get their guns illegally, knowing that the law abiding person's home they're robbing doesn't have one as well, it's basically an open door to more violence. And can we all acknoledge the fact that a gun has NEVER, EVER killed anything? That's fact, billions have killed others, but a gun has never ever ever killed anyone or anything. Gun control is an extremely dangerous thing, statistics show that, facts show that, and anyone who can think will know that. Humans are so bad at fixing things, often just making it worse.

  • It's wrong for America

    . I think that gun control is wrong. The checks we have in place now are perfectly suitable. We don’t need to have all these bans that take away from law abiding citizens for no reason. They want to limit magazine capacity which is ignorant because even the best shooters can miss multiple times especially under duress. They want to make it more difficult for criminals to get guns but look at the facts. Other countries have tried and failed to do this and even places in America with strict gun control have higher crime rates because criminals know that they are sitting ducks. This marine said it best “Anyone who faces three home invaders, jeopardizing himself or his family, might find 30 bullets barely adequate. After all, not every bullet hits, even at close range, and not every hit incapacitates. You can get killed by a wounded man.”

  • ARE u stupid if we take guns away how are we suppose to defend ourselves.

    If we take guns away then when criminals break into house how are u suppose to defend urself u cant so if we lose guns the number of crimes will increase...........Yea yea uea ue yea ye ayea ye ayea yea yea yea yea yea yeea yea yea ye aye yea ye ayea

  • No guns should be allowed

    If a criminal has the ability to get drugs it can get guns.I do not support gun control but I do believe people who are insane or severely mentally ill should have some restrictions just not to the extent that stops them from owning some guns.I think people that are mentally healthy should be able to own all guns and artillary.

  • People kill people

    Just because people are nuts and have a lack of respect for human life, doesn't mean gun laws should be strict. Whether guns are accessible or not, people will always find a way to kill or harm others. So what would be next? A ban on knives?? Give me a break. People are crazy and you can't fix crazy. Taking away a form of self defense would absolutely make matters worse.

  • It's not the guns, its the people

    If you watch the news about a shooting that happened at a school or in a theater, ect. You will notice that when they talk about the person they are saying that they had some mental disability. If/when we get laws they need to be about more background checks, and yearly or monthly checkups to make sure that the persons mind is not in a place where they would want to kill or hurt somebody. The guns don't go out to kill people, the people go out to kill people.

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