Should we have stricter marriage laws in the U.S.?

Asked by: Nebelous
  • I think stricter marriage laws means marriage only between a man and a women

    I personally think that gay and lesbian marriage is wrong. Marriage should stay between a man and a women. I know some people are going to say that I believe that a gay or lesbian person should live alone and never be with the person they love and that they can't change who they are, but that's not true. Two years ago when i was in 6th grade, I had a friend who was gay. He went to the same church as me (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) and knew that he shouldn't act on it and hadn't acted on being gay. Now, two years later he only likes girls, so don't tell me that gays and lesbians can't change how they feel. And God has clearly said that marriage should stay between a man and a women over and over again. Both in the Bible and the Book of Mormon. So if you mean "stricter" as in should marriage only between a man and a women, I agree on this.
    -Shadow X

  • No there shouldn't be any

    There shouldn't be any marriage laws between two or more consenting adults. America is not a theological state therefore, no theistic views can be imposed onto the federal government. There should be no laws against polygamy, monogamy, heterosexual couples, or homosexual opposites; 3 males, 4 males in a marriage or 1 male and 3 women or any number or gender. If you don't want a marriage that goes against your religion, don't have one but you have no right AT ALL to forbid, deny or reject people's love as being less than or equivalent to yours due to any reason based upon sexuality.

  • (Insert Headline Here)

    This depends on what you mean by stricter marriage laws. Does stricter mean the length in time a couple have been in a relationship before they get married, whether or not marriage should be one man and one woman, or something else. If possible, I'd like to what you mean by stricter.

  • Take government out of marriage

    Marriage shouldn't be a government issue, as the government has no authority in telling someone who they should or should not marry. That is legislating someones religious views which is absolutely infringement on their individual rights. There are much more important issues the government and other individuals should worry about. If someone doesn't agree with homosexual marriage, that's 100% okay, but that individual shouldn't force their views on someone else.

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