• Yes, it will help us evaluate how we teach students to think.

    PARCC was created to measure critical thinking. Something we have not had in public schools. Yes it is harder because we haven't taught this way before. It is new and people are scared. The old tests asked students to spit out memorized facts or skills learned but didn't test a students ability to take a skill and apply it to another concept. This is the difference between American schools and those that produce students who are more prepared for life after high school and attending college. It will take time to adjust but that doesn't mean get rid of it. Even if it goes away, something will take its place. Do we strive to get better and be more prepared to compete with students around the world or are we looking for a simple test of basic skills to make us feel better about our educational system.

  • PARCC: The best assessment we have.

    Let's put politics aside and focus on what's best for our children. "Over-reach" of government arguments simply dodge the issue. I've been a part of a progressive school district that's been implementing the Common Core and PARCC-style assessment for 2+ years. You would not believe the growth we've observed across all types of students. The bottom line is that the PARCC assessment expects more. Students will become frustrated. They may even fail, initially. But growth simply cannot happen without frustration. These past two years I've felt like a coach teaching kids how to have grit. Giving up simply isn't an option in my four walls. Instead of walking around like victims who cannot adjust to new situations, my students walk around like warriors who can only fail when they give up. Please see the recently released PARCC assessments. Finally my students aren't disrespected by "easy" assessments that demand little. Preparing for the PARCC has proved to me what great teachers have told me: expect little, get little; expect greatness, get greatness.

  • Yes PARCC tests can help students prepare for college

    The PARCC test will be a uniform way to test college readiness for children in PARCC states, and ostensibly provide students and teachers with information about which subjects a student needs to work on. If the tests work as predicted, and are given early in high school, a student should have time to improve in the weaker areas and thus perform better in college.

  • Why parcc is the best assesment ever!

    PARCC Is the best assessment out their because they paid me $$$$$ to spread the word. :)

    PARCC is the best cause a "study" proved it to be better than all the assessments and we expect 60% of people to be failure. Because PARCC is best in NJ means that PARCC is great anywhere and not just that NJ assessments already suck.

  • Parcc testing is not a burden it is a valuable test to learn if you understood what you've learned this year.

    Well after all teachers teach their student and they should be tested on it and people need to be used to taking tests. The parcc should not chose if a student graduates or not thought is very silly. The parcc should be allowed and should stay that what I think. Now if you think about it honestly is taking a test such a bored? NO! But like I mentioned before where you stand on the parcc test should not determine anything it should just be a over view of everything you have learned. I very strongly think that the parcc is a positive thing and is helpful.

  • Logic says so

    Bla bla d d d d d d d d d d d be cuz i said so m8 gr8 m8 cuz i am with this since it is good for the brain and for yo reading mind of the state that is awesome for kids older than my 4 year old brain and i want my brother to suffer

  • We need to be modern and prepare this generation

    Seriously people, the NJ ask was on paper and this is the 21st century we have iPhones now and we should know how to test on computers because that is the future. Also of course there will be problems, this is the first year that we are taking it and still trying to figure things out. Most importantly it is good that it is harder. Life is hard and kids need a challenge to test and stretch their skills otherwise they won't get better

  • Yes PARCC tests will help our nation take steps to evolve as a whole.

    While this is a big step for teachers to learn, there is no point in getting rid of PARCC tests overall. They are designed to put the whole nation under one common umbrella and although it may be harder for the teachers to learn, steps need to be taken as we learn more on how to test. The test needs to be adjusted in some areas, but as a whole the test will help us grow.

  • Bring back sba testing

    Teachers get consequences for students not doing great on the PARCC testing but guess what? I guess they're thinking backwards,students should receive the consequences for not paying attention at school and for acting dumb on the test. SBA is more challenging and teachers doesn't get consequences on that,and it helps them to see if the students learned something for the whole entire school year. SBA test, you can take SBA for 3 hours a day in 1 week. It gives you time to analyze the question and the examples they give you. PARCC testing, you take 7 "duh" questions for an hour a day for 3 weeks you get a messed up school schedule and teaches get consequences for the students not doing a great job. For example: my English teacher came back from a family emergency, she just recently found out about the PARCC a testing and she found out that she will get consequences for the students not doing a great job. I think it's unfair for her to go through a lot of stress. It's putting all the teachers in a bad situation.

  • PARCC will not help our teachers, schools or children.

    We are expecting teachers to do more when new testing comes out. They have to learn the new system, especially now, considering some districts are using the online option of testing. In addition, some student's are not ready to take such a test. Teachers are having to rush through the semester in order to provide two weeks of testing and at some level, it is three weeks because some students have to take the SBA science examination. Our kids are not prepared and it's not the schools fault. Before lawmakers contribute to testing education, they should sit in the classroom for a month. There are other issues. Standardize testing has it's good sides, but changing the test consistently, is not helping anyone.

    If we look at student populations, certain students are set up to fail the PARCC. Any student in special education will not benefit, nor will certain students in regular ed classrooms. One of the factors is timed test. Not every student has the same learning/ thinking style, having a timed test is going to hinder their ability to get through the entire test.

    PARCC is not going to help our schools or our children.

  • Its the idotic way of testing our children

    Why would we need our children learning Latin root words and Greek meanings and mythology? The parcc does not focus on what they are learning but takes a whole different approach to the common testing. It is insignificant as to what the common middle schooler is learning and makes it 10 times harder giving high school level problems. As well with the whole idea of it being online, there is no way that there won't be a technology hiccup. I say it isn't a smooth move Parcc.

  • Testing Us To Death

    We have so many tests to determine "where we're at" in our schooling career, and for so long we've had the same test to do so. So why now are the test changing making it so much harder? At my school we've been told that this test determines whether we graduate or not; if that's the case then why was it sprung on us this year? It's not fair to put this on kids that don't have much time to learn the curriculum. As a junior, it's very frustrating being tested on a whole new set of stuff that we haven't been learning. If you're going to make a new test, start it with the 6th graders so they can at least have a chance at understanding what's on it.

  • Parcc spelled backwards is crapp

    PARCC SPELLED BACKWARDS IS CRAP!!! The PARCC won't actually count for the next three years and it's only to test teachers not students. To much complications for technology. Kids shouldn't be spending that much time on computers. Your PARCC scores have nothing to do with the classes you'll be placed in next year so don't stress trying to get a good score because it really doesn't matter

  • Taking a test on a computer is hard for Middle schoolers.

    There is scientific proof that shows that looking at a bright screen actually damages brain cells! Also, looking at a bright screen for that long can damage kids' eyes. The kids will not only have to look at the screen during the tests, but the will also have to practice online test taking and that takes hours to do.
    The setting of the test is not that great either. Kids' work better in an environment that they know and are comfortable in. A computer lab is not a comfortable environment. Also the new objects in the room can distract the kids from the actual test.

  • Government intrusiveness unconstitutional

    All children are wired differently. We have spent the last 20 years learning strategies,techniques to address all learners through differentiated instruction. Our classes now include autism, down syndrome, visually impaired, oppositional defiance, anxiety disorders, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalcula, etc. I do believe in standards and benchmarks to measure growth. Not one teacher was on the board to write the PARRC. Obama needs to concentrate on his own problems or mess he has gotten us into.

  • We can't just jump into this!

    Practically no one will be ready for it. It is getting rid of the ACTs being offered at the schools, which is a problem because colleges still look at the ACTs: they don't care about the PARCC right now! I have talked to several teachers about the sample problems they have worked on, and not only do they feel uncomfortable with transitioning to it so quickly, but they said that a majority of the kids will do terrible at it. If this is going to take place, it shouldn't count for anything right now: just a test that shows where you are. It SHOULDN'T replace the ACTs that are administered at schools (not talking about the one you take outside of school on Saturdays) and SHOULDN'T be a thing that is looked at. It is frustrating to see that the ones who are getting affected by it have NO say in it whatsoever! It's time to get our acts together!

  • Standardized testing inhibits learning

    Standardized testing is part of what is wrong in America's education system today. Teachers feel pressured to "teach for the test" - they must teach their students how to pass the test rather than teaching them the concepts in a real-world capacity. All teachers know their students must pass these standardized tests or face discipline.

  • No parcc ever

    Because it's stressful and it's only to test what the teachers thought you. And it's expensive and bad. Also teachers get fired if the students do not get good grades. If your in college it's to test if you fail or pass college. In other states they don't have Parcc.

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Humanities says2015-06-15T14:00:11.110
I think that the parcc will help education in america. In 2019, students will have to use the parcc to graduate! Doing it now will help prepare us for the future. Parents arent he future, kids are!
Humanities says2015-06-15T14:00:52.813
I believe that the PARCC
Humanities says2015-06-15T14:10:13.730
I don't think park is very good at all. I don't think it correctly measures the students ability. As a student some of the questions on PARCC are absurd, they make no sense, and there are no correct answers. This is why I do not think children should be taking this test.
Humanities says2015-06-15T14:11:13.743
I believe that the PARCC won't help students. The PARCC is designed in a way that takes longer than a lawyer takes the Bar Exam which is astounding that the government will allow children to take a state test that long. Also some children do not understand what they are being asked while taking the PARCC. Why isn't there a more thorough study guide that will help you understand the test? I believe this is what we need to be able to help students with this test.
Humanities says2015-06-15T17:29:34.887
I believe that many of the claims that PARCC is unnecessary are very opinionated and focus more on a student's personal opinion on the PARCC test, not what the test does. Often times, students will say the PARCC should be removed from school, when they say the same for homework and every other test they've had, perhaps even including the last test schools used. Other times, students will call the PARCC "useless" or "a waste of their time" when in truth, they don't know what's being done with the grades they get or what "PARCC" stands for.
And the full name of the PARCC, "Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers," proves that the PARCC was implemented in schools to directly ready students for college and future careers! While the PARCC still needs to improve to have less bugs and put less stress on disabled students, it is still a brand new test. At least let it run for a few years so the government doesn't use up money changing to a new testing system when we don't even know the possibilities of the old one.