Should we have the PARCC test (yes) or the AIMS test (no)?

  • PARCC test prepares you for SAT

    The PARCC test helps you prepare for the SAT in highschool. Since it doesn't count for your grade it's less stressful, and in a chart it shows that most people are anxious to do the PARCC test. The PARCC isn't for your grade it's for your school teachers to see so that they know where you are supposed to be placed in your next grade, like 6th grade to 7th grade.

  • PARCC Test is Better.

    I believe the PARCC test is better than the AIMS test at showing a students aptitude. It also does a better job at showing a student's strengths and weaknesses. It is also a more simple format and is overall better than the AIMS test. In general, we should have the PARCC test.

  • PARCC test or AIMS test

    I personally think that the AIMS test would be a great test to take because it is a sample test that is for a particular grade level that helps the students understand the subjects before taking the actual test. I personally think that the PARCC test is two-thirds of what the states want to consider for a test.

  • Now Way PARCC stinks!

    In Montclair alone 40% of kids opted out. I wish I had had the fortune to say I could have opted out. It was mind-bogglingly hard and in fact was so hard, I had doubt the question were written in English and stumbled through the test only to wait another hour until the teachers fixed whatever bug we had now. Once, we had to wait 2 hours to debug but finally sent back to our classes having done no work.

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Humanities says2015-06-15T17:12:49.010
I disagree with the parcc because It is a waste of time and give and more time to the student to study and stress them and the teacher.
Humanities says2015-06-15T17:33:28.810
I don't think parcc is needed. Schools already have tests on each subject, testing the student on their ability to do the subject. There is no need for an extra test. As a student myself the Parcc stressed me out. I was worried if I fail that in might effect me in a bad way.
Humanities says2015-06-16T12:28:17.447
I think the parcc should be taken because it can help prepare you not only for other big standardized tests, but can help you learn how to deal with the stress you will deal with later in life.
Humanities says2015-06-16T12:31:51.093
As a student I get stressed out a lot. I have so many tests and I don't think it's necessary to take another one. The PARCC is very difficult and involves a lot of concentration. I was amazed at the amount of students who opted out of the test. I see commercials all the time with children crying over the PARCC or the parents stating that the PARCC is not needed.
Humanities says2015-06-16T12:36:40.233
The Parcc testing is useless for school. It does not count towards your grade. Instead of learning new things that can prepare you for later school years. Some things on the Parcc students have not learned yet therefore the Parcc is not helping students it is confusing them.