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  • It hurts the poor

    Think a moment of the effect of eliminating income tax and raising taxes on consumer goods to account for the shortfall. In all likelihood even food would be taxed. Those who can least afford it would be paying the same tax as individuals who's income could withstand the increase. Those living at or below the poverty line currently pay little or no tax. Moving to this type of taxation would have a similar effect as a flat tax.

  • They cause people to lose money and even more with normal everyday taxes

    We should not have to pay taxes because it does not really do us any good all we are doing is giving the government even more money at not knowing what they are doing with it. Are they actually fixing the United States? Or are they creating more debt? It makes me curious if what happened before America was made when the colonies (in this case citizens) had to pay lots of money for everyday item, Which caused poverty.

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