Should we have to say the Pledge of Allegiance every day in schools?

Asked by: Romanii
  • Yes and yes.

    What is so wrong with the Pledge of Allegiance? Is it going to kill you to say it? No! Is it constitutionally correct? Yes. It has always been a part of this country and always will be in schools and government. Whether you like it or not, it will always be a part of American history and rituals. And if you don't like it , leave then.

  • Show pride and loyalty toward our country

    The pledge of allegiance is a way to show pride and loyalty toward our country. The Pledge of Allegiance could be summed up by saying:

    The flag is a symbol of our country, the United States of America, which is a place where we can make choices, vote and it is OK to be different. This is a country where a higher power thinks we are a good country (if you believe in a higher power). Our country will always be together and strong because of that. Our country makes sure people are free and people are treated fairly. I promise to be a good and loyal friend to this country – The United States of America.

  • It is your country

    Who cares about what other countries think, or who we are "offending". This is our country and they choose to live here. America is protecting them everyday. Americans are dying to protect them. If they can't stand up and pledge their allegiance to america, then why are they even here!

  • Throwing our rights away

    Forcing the Pledge of Allegiance violates the First Amendment, big time. First off, it takes away the freedom of speech, by forcing you to say something. Second, the freedom of religion. Only about 1/3 of America believes in god, and the pledge uses the term, "god". This is an unconstitutional and overall stupid thing to force.

  • Only the ones in U.S.A.

    Several of my family members died for this country. Yes the pledge says "under god". But the pledge isn't about god its about thanking those who are protecting our country with their lives. We need to live our lives being thankful, weather you have religion or not. If you don't want to respect the brave soldiers risking their lives for you just because of one line in the pledge. Well that's on you, but I for one am thankful. Even if nobody else is.

  • Men and women have fought and DIED for that pledge!

    In America, we have forgotten where we have come from and the sacrifice that was given. They have fought for an idea that has given us the ability to debate as some have done on this tread. You don't force patriotism on anyone, it should a given. Seeing that so many have given so much. The lack of respect for our history and service people is appalling. When we forget where we come from and the sacrifices made, starts the end of TRUE liberty. When a person pledges allegiance to the US flag you are essentially saying thank you for all that you have been given. America, stop taking so much for granted.

  • They live in America- embrace it!

    The American flag symbolizes freedom, and kids have been stating the Pledge of Allegiance everyday for decades. Why stop now? The students are American, so why shouldn't they state the Pledge of Allegiance? It's twenty seconds, and it means a hell of a lot more than anything else they could learn in that amount of time. "...With liberty and justice for all." Doesn't that mean something? Shouldn't kids be reminded that they live in a country that has liberty and justice for all? Americans nowadays take what they have for granted, and they're destroying American values, especially with Obama president. They need to be reminded that America stands for something, that they're lucky to be living in such a country, and that there are millions wishing they were in their place. The Pledge of Allegiance should always be said in schools, no matter the costs.

  • We do live in the United States right?

    The pledge of allegiance is supporting our country which we live in. The main reason for the argument against is that people who aren't originally from here feel like it is offensive. There is a reason why they came here to America. Why would you not have to say it. There is nothing offensive towards others in the pledge. I honestly can't believe people would actually not want to say it. Can you even call yourself an American if you are anti pledge? Wow

  • Life is no life without American pride

    There would be and outrage with the knowledgeable Americans if they took the pledge out of schools. It would be a very ignorant mistake. The day they do anything like that, is the day that this nation goes to hell. Everything that our founder had once built up for us would be demolished. No longer in existence.

  • It's is okay!!!

    I think that we should say the pledge of allegiance. For one you say it to honor the people in the war, who are fighting for you who is reading this without them you probably wouldn't even be able to have the freedom to red this right now. Second we should just say it even if we don't care because like it or not it has to do with the history of the united sates so we should be proud to be an American. And if you are form another country and you don't want to say it because you don't care that's to bad because, if you don't care you shouldn't even be here all your probably doing is wasting the governments money for no reason.

  • Forced Patriotism is not Patriotism.

    You cannot enforce patriotism- rote recitation of an altered and flawed declaration of allegiance does not make a person patriotic or loyal to his or her nation. It just means you forced a kid to memorize something and spew it back out without thinking.
    Nevermind the unconstitutional insertion of religious propaganda in the 1950s.

  • You're a U.S citizen already, what's the point?

    The way I see it is that, if they make us say the pledge every day, it feels that they don't trust our loyalty to the United States.

    As a young child, I actually never understood what the pledge of allegiance meant. I understood what it meant when they broke it down for us when I was in 6th grade. They actually stopped making us say the pledge in 7th grade and I'm still a loyal U.S citizen.

    But I do understand why they still make us say it during big school events like football games, basketball games, pep rallies, and graduation.

  • Not unless we reintroduce prayers in school...

    We rejected school prayers on the basis that not everyone is religious. This is a valid point and I agree that we shouldn't be forcing atheist students to pray. However, following the same logic, we should reject having to say the pledges in school on the basis that not everyone is super-nationalistic. Why should people who aren't that patriotic have to stand up every freaking morning and say the Pledge of Allegiance? If anything, it decreases my feelings of loyalty to USA because of how annoying it is...

  • Children should not take a pledge if they do not understand the significance.

    I haven't said the pledge in years. I love the country and it's foundation, but if I take a pledge, that is too close to a verbal contract. If I took a pledge to be allegiant to this country, doesn't that mean I could never change my citizenship? I know no State Dept. Lawyer is recording us when we say the Pledge, but it bothers me to say something so solemn so frivolously. Children certainly don't understand the significance of a pledge, that's why they can't enter into contracts. And a pledge would seem unnecessary unless you are required to enter into public service.

  • Its Simply Fascist

    Our country is slowly turning into a fascist state. Everyone worships our military. The pledge of allegiance adds to this dramatically. Its also something that i believe our founding fathers would hate. It also says "under god" which is completely against the separation of church and state. Also pledging allegiance is kind of ridiculous, its saying we will support our country no matter what which is crazy.

  • We should not!

    So here I am giving away my information I have gathered over several years. On the internet. Great. WHERE'S MY TIN FOIL HAT!? There is an underground rebellion against the government that roughly 65% of the people of the U.S. Are participating in. They are angry against the previous presidents for the past fifty years and are looking for revenge. The U.S. Needs to see what they have started. 207,935,000 people are very angry.

  • Does the government have something to hide?

    I believe there is a secret underground rebellion against the government. They are kind of like the ninja turtles because they live in the sewers of cities and use unconventional weaponry. The government forces our children to say the pledge hoping they will not join this rebellion. Think about it. If the government thought that there wasn't a need to enforce allegiance then why would they do it? They do not need to enforce it because we all are American citizens and most people think this is a good thing. Right? WRONG! Over 70% of the population is part of this rebellion. The government just wants to hide the truth from the remainder of people who are not against them. Most of you, seeing as over 70% of people are in the rebellion are aware of this But if you are not, be warned, revolution is coming.

  • People should be able to openly disagree.

    While the pledge of allegiance is meant to instill pride in students, people should have the right not to "go along" with patriotic culture. When we pledge "allegiance," we are promising to be loyal to our nation, and while supportive attitudes are beneficial, we should not be required to pledge loyalty to a nation. The Declaration of Independence states that people have a"right and duty" to overthrow an unjust government. While this should only be done in extreme circumstances, many do not approve of the government, and they should feel comfortable saying so. As things are, students cannot be required to say the pledge, but there is, in some areas, social pressure to"buy in" and say it. I am in favor of educating students on the importance of voting in elections to encourage democracy, and students should be informed about the issues with the nation, but some simply do not agree with what the government is doing. Some also do not feel comfortable saying "under God," and this should be respected.

  • No, Saying the Pledge Cock Blocked me

    I Don't think we should because i liked a girl, and the other day when we all stood up to say the pledge she noticed the boy standing next to me, and his sleek, solid jaw line glistening in the sunlight. Now she's holding hands with him under the play ground at recess, not me. I would'a gotten away with her if it wasn't for this meddling pledge.

  • Kids should not be foreced to do something they do not understand

    Most kids do not know why they say the pledge and they just do it but that is going against the first amendment. It is also not pledging to the flag but to the nation that does whatever it wants and does not take the people in to account. And its not really fair for kids that are not religues or christetn to say it because it goes agent what they belive in and i thought that this country was about giving people the right to beliive in what they want to and this does not.

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