• Drug availability and deterrant

    Prisons should take tougher security measures to reduce the inflow of drugs into prisons. Drug availability is rampant and keeps prisoners hooked until they are out and can purchase it anyways. With a tougher prison, Drugs would hopefully stop coming in as frequently thus hurting the drug trade and reducing the chance of prisoners getting drugs. This would act as more of a deterrant to criminals. Tougher prisons in general would reduce incentive for crime as many current inmates are repeat inmates.

  • Both yes and no.

    If by tougher you mean send prisoners straight to the electric chair, Then it would be greatly appreciated by both civilians and prisoners if that did not happen. (Prisoners by less torment for their time and civilians knowing their relatives/friends who may end up in jail is not being electrocuted daily), But if you mean by just enough to make them not want to come back, Then yes, As that can make them think about their life and why they should not break laws.

  • It depends on the situation.

    Overall, They should have better prisons but not stronger. Although for the criminals with more of a threat they should be in a heavily guarded prison. Some of the people locked up didn't want or expect for that to happen so a conclusion some countries have already come to is to build a prison with restrictions but they live, Mostly, Like an average person out in the world so when the prisoners have finished their sentence they know what it is like before they were behind bars.

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