• Yes! There should.

    I believe that uniforms should be enforced in schools. I think this because in public schools (where uniforms are usually not enforced) people get judged/teased by what they wear. Usually in the morning it takes a long time to change and choose your outfit. This could lead to you being late and having trouble with your teachers. If you are going on a trip with your school and get lost, people could tell from your uniform that you belong to that specific school and for teachers taking you on the trip, it would be easier for them to see you. It also makes the aura of the school more organized and smart. Other clothes (for example necklaces or sparkly things) may distract you and/or other pupils.

  • Uniforms help with bullying

    Many kids are bullied because of what they wear, in 2015 Ditch the Label did their annual bullying survey. They found that 43% of kids who took the survey were being bullied and 44% of those kids were being bullied at least once a week. They also found that 18% of those kids were being bullied because of what they wear. Statistics don't lie, and these stats show us that uniforms are an obvious solution to the bullying

  • It Really Depends on How They Are Dressed

    As long as the kids can dress in uniforms like the ones in the picture shown above, then I believe we should have it in schools. The suite with tie looks great, and they make kids look professional and feel smart. However if the uniforms look like something I could easily get at a average kids shop (three button white shirt) then no. I see them down in Florida on kids, and they are cheap kind of uniform. They are not for me as they are uncomfortable, and they don't make kids look serious for school.

  • Kids need uniform!

    Children are always worried about being judged on appearances and what they are wearing and when everyone in the school is wearing the same thing no-one can make fun of anyone. Also it prevents the daily struggle of not knowing what to wear. I go to school but I would not like a uniform....

  • All look the same

    Absolutely Uniforms are a message that all Students are the same. My School is an all Male Boarding School and it allows us to separate the Motivated from the unmotivated and drive the unmotivated to either shape up leave. Al Students must wear a Gray 2 Button Tweed Suit jacket, Dark Gray Dress Slacks, White Dress Shirt, a solid Gray Tie,Dark Socks and Black Leather Dress Shoe. During the Winter Months a Full Length Black Top Coat is also required. Next School year we plan to change that to a Gray Full Length Top Coat as a Top Coat needs o be the same color as the Suit Jacket according to proper dress etiquette.

  • Yes. Go Uniforms!

    I believe that we should have uniforms in school because usually in public schools, where uniforms are not necessary, people get judged and teased because of their appearance. Also, offensive language may be printed on a lot of clothes products that may upset a large amount of people in the surrounding environment. In the morning, it may take a long time to choose clothes if you are trying to impress your friends or are choosing from a wide range of clothes. This may lead to being late, sleep deprivation or less energy in school, leading to worse grades and possibly arguments with family members and teachers. Also uniforms are useful if there is a school trip and you are lost your uniform will single you out and make you easier to find.

  • Uniforms are usefull


    Uniforms are useful because

    You dont have to worry about what clothes you wear to school.

    If you get lost in a field trip and someone finds you with the uniform
    he or she might call the school to tell them there is a kid that got lost and they found them.

    Because you don´t have to choose what clothes you wear to school and if others are going to like it

    Or it can reduce bullying because of clothes.

    It can save you money instead of buying diferent clothes you can just buy the same clothes and only have one type of clothes for school.

    Because if everyone has the same clothes and someone has a diferent one he could get laughed at

  • Yes, there should.

    I think this because wearing uniforms keeps students looking smart, which encourages visitors to check out the school and join. Having a uniform can also save time in the morning. In addition, uniforms prevent bullying and judging. Current statistics show that more than half of schoolgirls are bullied because of their appearance. If everyone in school wears the same clothing, there is a less likely chance that students will be bullied because of their outfit or what they look like. Also, wearing a uniform at a young age prepares students for future jobs in the business industry.

  • I believe that

    We should have to wear uniforms in school. It makes the school more organized because everyone is wearing the same uniform. As we are wearing more or less the same thing in school trips it makes it harder for you to get lost. More than half of school girls are bullied because of the appearance As well if each one were allowed to wear a different uniform they would be very distracted. Students wake up very early to choose their clothes and they waste energy.

  • Students should definitly wear

    Students should have uniforms in school because it is a huge distraction to the students' education. Many students wake up early just to pick out their outfits just to impress others. Therefore their full focus is on having the latest gadgets and latest trends in clothing to show each other. Not only that, but students who are unable to afford these clothes can be made fun of and create a low self esteem of themselves. Wearing uniforms helps relax the students' brains and allows them to focus on more important things other than getting the latest trends in clothing. Although many people think that students shouldn't wear uniforms, many support wearing uniforms to express themselves. Wearing school uniforms also shows pride in their school. Many kids get bullied and made fun of they way they look and dress. In order to avoid that, uniforms in school should be enforced.

  • No, beacause in my opinion...

    No, because the uniforms can cause constant uncomfort or a sort of pinching pain. Plus, the prices of school uniforms cost more then it would for a normal set of fancy clothing. If teachers can wear what they want, such as my teacher Mr. Hermida, so should the children. I'm only fourteen, so I may not understand the larger concept of the situation, but in my point of view, the tacky school clothing that is uncomfortable, painful, and just plain awful, I would rather bring my own clothes then be forced to wear some school uniform or be kicked out.

  • I don't agree

    I believe that we should not have to wear uniforms in school because they are expensive and some people can’t afford it. Also uniforms don’t let kids express who they truly are because what they wear shows what they like. If a kid loses a piece of their uniform they would have to pay a lot of money for a new one. Also kids would probably get in trouble. If you wouldn’t have a uniform, you could always just a pick a different pair of clothes. This is why I think that we shouldn’t have uniforms in school.

  • No we shouldn't have any uniforms in school.

    Whenever I think of uniforms I think itch an uncomfortable. Uniforms take away kids way of expressing themselves. Uniforms are so uncomfortable,they can make you itch and that can definitely distract you from class. Wearing your own clothes is how some kids express themselves. When wearing your own clothes your comfy. Anyways who wants to wear the same clothes every single day basically. If you don't want to look for clothes in the morning than just pick clothes over night before you go to bed. It doesn't make sense to force students to wear the same outfit all the time. On the other hand people might state that it save time which I understand, and kids sometimes do follow dress codes. However isn't that why we have consequences in school? It is understandable how people think wearing uniforms is the best thing for kids but it doesn't seem ok for most people. BB-4

  • We should not have uniforms in school.

    We shouldn't have uniforms in school because it takes away the right for children to wear whatever they want to wear. This takes away the privilege to be yourself. Uniforms may make people feel uncomfortable or less confident about where they fit in. Some people may want to rebel against this because they were comfortable before with having clothes that fit them in their own ways. However, some may say that uniforms cause less bullying to happen and equality throughout the schools and children. Some of that may be true but uniforms just take away so many privileges to be who you really are. This is why I disagree with having uniforms in schools.

  • I don't agree.

    Schools can be very bland when everyone wears the same thing. Uniforms can be ill fitting and itchy, or even just not the right size. Those are a few reasons I think uniforms shouldn’t be required in school. With the exceptions the pupil’s clothes should be appropriate, they should be able to wear whatever they want. When kids dress freely at school, they are more comfortable and can express their feelings. Some people say that kids take long periods of time to pick their clothes, but I know from experience that they don’t. Classrooms are brought out of dullness and become vivid and lively. Kids can show who they are with their clothes, and why take that away? That is why I think schools should not have school uniform.

  • I disagree because...

    I disagree that we should have school uniforms in school, but we should have a dress code. Without school uniforms we are more organized because we start to get ready the night before school. If we have school uniforms and we have to get ready after gym we get in trouble because we take too long, but the only reason we take a long time is because we have to button up our shirt, tuck them in and put on our tie. School uniforms don’t let us express ourselves, or be comfortable. School uniforms cost a lot and take a long time if they are being delivered (I know this from experience). If you are using paint in art and you get it on yourself, or you get food on yourself, you might have to get more of the same clothes (which cost more) whereas if you got paint on your own clothes, you could just wear something else the next day. In uniforms you can get teased because something might be too big or small, or if something isn’t ready to wear you will have to wear something different and look different from everyone else.

  • No to uniforms!

    I think that there shouldn’t be a school uniform but there should still be a dress code, and restrictions to what kids are allowed to wear.

    Some of the examples of what kids should be able to wear :

    Girls: a skirt or pants (professional), blouses, and closed toe shoes (not sneakers)

    Boys: dress pants (professional), dress shoes, and dress shoes. I think this is much better because some kids are very picky of how they look like in their uniform, or in clothes they choose. Another reason that kids shouldn’t have to wear uniforms or normal clothes is that other people may think of them as someone who dresses awkwardly. Kids also get bullied when they are wearing their own clothes.

  • It Really Depends on How They Are Dressed

    As long as the kids can dress in uniforms like the ones in the picture shown above, then I believe we should have it in schools. The suite with tie looks great, and they make kids look professional and feel smart. However if the uniforms look like something I could easily get at a average kids shop (three button white shirt) then no. I see them down in Florida on kids, and they are cheap kind of uniform. They are not for me as they are uncomfortable, and they don't make kids look serious for school.

  • No uniform should be aloud.

    Uniform shouldn't be allowed at school because girl has period and what if the color is not safe for the period and still parents has to buy the clothes with there money insted of kids wearing there clothes that they already has maybe for Christmas or some things it is easier you don't under stand.

  • Students have rights to express themselves through clothes

    I'm a girl. In my school, girls should wear skirt and I totally DON'T LIKE it. I don't want to wear skirt everyday. And sometimes in some school, girl students have to use skirt that is as long as our knees. Some girls (including me) don't like to expose their leg, but they should.
    I think no uniform is needed because we be less free. Some people say "We lose time just by picking clothes to wear", well yes it is. But if you're already adult and you don't wear uniform, it's the same right? The difference is you wait until you're adult.
    Some people say we can got bullied when we don't use uniform. But some school students in my country (that use uniform) still got bullied anyway so it doesn't effect very much.

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