Should we have Veteran's Day off instead of Columbus Day?

Asked by: NaziLovingOtaku
  • Discovered What? American Indians?

    How can you "discover" a land which people are already inhabiting? American Indians are believed to have been inhabiting this continent since before continental drift, having crossed from Mongolia into Alaska via the Bering Strait.

    Regardless, the guy has been dead for, what, 400 years now? Yet there are thousands and thousands of living Veterans we can honor.

  • I'm a fan of Veterans Day ...

    ... And a veteran, but I enjoy having my days off from work broken up and distributed fairly evenly over the entire calendar year.

    (Why must there be so many words just to post a response? I can get the entirety of my response across without needing this blurb at the end just to post my comment.)

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