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  • Voter impersonation is NOT a problem.

    Voter ID laws do one thing, prevent voter impersonation. That makes sense, we don't want people voting more than 1 time, right? Of course, but voter ID laws are a large overreaction. There has not been any conclusive evidence (that I've seen or heard) that show that voter impersonation is so big that it messes with the election process. People who try to impersonate someone else and get caught have to pay around $10,000 in fines and risk going to jail. Voter ID's are hard to get in certain states and they definitely affect the vote, whether it be positive or negatively. Trying to get a state ID is frustrating in some states, as they require various documents to get one. Studies show that these laws affect the African-American and Latino voters, and that might give a slight advantage to a certain party. Some politicians (mostly Republican) who supported the Romney campaign have said that voter ID laws gave Romney more votes (although he ultimately didn't win). Proof that they were also trying to use these laws to manipulate the vote.

    In conclusion, voter ID laws are unnecessary and ultimately hinder the democratic process, as they restrict certain minorities. Voter Impersonation is also not a problem (at the moment).

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