• I say YES

    Dead families, loved ones lost and a corrupted country, this was the result of a suicidal attack. On October thirty first, a citizen of Kabul attacked near the U.S embassy. The attack was five hundred meters from the U.S Embassy. As emergency vehicles raced to the site, a health Ministry Wahid Mujro stated that twenty citizens are wounded and five has died. The suicide bomber is said to be around middle school age.
    The suicide bomber has not been put behind bars. Without the unity of our fellow neighbors, we will continue to be useless to the people across the world. We can create refugee camps to shelter and care for the Afghans who need food and shelter. There are about thirty million people in Afghanistan. Nine million are affected by the disaster. If we help Afghanistan we can save lives and decrease the lives affected by the disaster.
    Trust can be granted if we help those in need. By helping the people who were affected by the bombing, we can slowly earn their trust and gain an alliance. We can also end discrimination. Humanitarian

  • Help around the world

    There are a lot of people around the world that are injured or sick that are not getting the help that they deserve. While some people around the world are getting help. It is also a good thing to do some help around the world because the world is a beautiful place

  • Yes, for several reasons.

    We should help people all around there world for several reasons. The first is because it is moral and ethical to do so as judged by the entire global society of the world.

    The second is because there is no good reason as to why people are worse off in the world than others - there are certainly plenty of resources to share amongst the world's entire population, and conflict is not needed to solve problems, etc.

    For those who are religious, many religions, such as Christianity, state that it is part of their duty to help the poor, etc.

    Finally there are some more selfish reasons we should help people around the world to. Think of it as a sort of ripple effect - if the people in poverty in a third world country were helped out of poverty that country would eventually cease to be a third world country, which in turn would help stabilise (At least I think it would) the world's economy and the economy of the country in which you live (in theory) which would have a positive impact on you. Helping people by providing aid and trying to end conflict will also have positive ripple effects across the entire world that again would eventually find there way back to you.

    So yes, we should help people all around the world.

  • We must share our fortune.

    It is simply geographical location as to why the north and western world is the richest part of the world. We inhabited the better areas for resources and profited from our ancestor's lucky guessing. But unfortunately not everyone could make their way to Europe and the Americas. We must share with the less fortunate who are unable to help themselves.

  • I do think people should help around the world.

    I do not honestly think that it would be alright for people to actually help other's around the world, considering it may spike up conflicts. But it depends on what good nature you are trying to get at by helping the person or people within it. It's something that should be specified more, I suppose on what you mean by help.

  • What does "help" mean?

    I base my vote on the lack of definition on the word "help".

    Spreading your own ideology is not help. There are different cultures, traditions, and ideologies in other countries that seem strange so Westerns, but it is not your place to tell them they are wrong. The Western world has plenty of problems to fix themselves.

    Giving people clean water to drink, building schools and providing education, building hospitals, and providing food are all good things. The rest of the "help" is unneeded and unwanted.

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