• We are their worst enemy

    Humans kill a million times more sharks than sharks kill humans; sharks only kill 100 people per year whereas we kill 100 million sharks. You are far more likely to die in a car accident than be attacked by a shark. Sharks predate us by hundreds of millions of years, so who are we to claim we own them or the seas? Most importantly, sharks play a significant ecological role.

  • The greatest theat to sharks is man

    They kill 100 we kill 100000000 each year we are saying good bye to the ocean they keep it clean we need to help them and save our ocean. We created the end for ourselves the sharks sre killed for there fins and then throughn overboard for what food that is 6 sharks i don't want my dream to die.

  • Stop messing with nature

    God doesn't need our help to save the planet, or it's animals. Let species die gracefully. I hope the next to go is Homosexuals and Liberals. Next would be Black Lies Matter...Talk show hosts, fake news....Oh send away Obongo and his man-bride Michael, ummm thr Clintons for sure....If all of them could leave, that would be nice.

  • Let them die!

    Sharks are undoubtedly the most useless animals on the face of the Earth. All they do is swim around all day and all night because if they stop they'll die because they're too stupid to know how to breathe. And I mean, what kind of animal eats garbage because it thinks that it's fish? People find license plates and stuff in sharks all the time. They're stupid and useless. If it were up to me, all the sharks would be eradicated and replaced with manatees, A VERY IMPORTANT ANIMAL, WHICH, BY THE WAY, IS ON THE BRINK OF EXTINCTION.

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