• Tell me why the hell we shouldn't help them!!?

    These people are human beings!!! I think its absolutely insane how money has changed so many people in a disgusting way...And all the people out there saying teach them a lesson!? Put yourself in thier position and then act in that moment. God diden't bring us to this planet so that we can live and earning and make money...God brought us here to this planet to be proper human beings and help the poor and vunrable and thats what i believe. Today, i helped a homeless person, his reaction made me feel so emotional...He said to me 1 minute hang on... And started playing the quitair. I gave him 5p...5p!! See what i mean guys?? 5p and you mean the world to someone, some of you selfish people out there wouldunt even give that. How would you feel if you was in thier position? Im asking you now.

  • We should help the homeless

    No homeless person deserves to be on the street. No one knows their story if they don't ask. Some could have been very wealthy and lost their job, teenagers could have suffered abuse, or some could have been shunned from their family, but the fact is no one truly knows not unless we take an interest in these people. They are people after all, just like any other person who has a home. Who knows maybe you will be homeless, then what will you think of those other people that don't help you? You were one of them, so what's the difference? Will it only matter to you if it happens to you? We'll let me tell you something that is wrong! I say that we should help our community. We need to help these hurt people. Because whether they or you like it or not they are hurting, maybe not physically or mentally, but they are hurting deep down inside. They want to fix their past and work towards the future, making it better. Well we can't help what happened in the past, the past is the past, but we can help their future.

  • Thet are humans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    People that disagree put your self in there place .There are homeless people trying to find jobs but they can"t find any .If they didn"t go to school is cause they has problem .You never know if god is trying to teach them i lesson. I wish people could think and put themselves or at least a family member i see how would you feel.

  • Help the homeless

    We are all humans and disserve a second chance in life. Also we don't always do the right thing the first time so why not help the people that weren't able to get up and move on in life. We should all donate to the homeless because we don't know the reason they lost what they had.

  • Of course we should help homeless people

    An estimated 100 million people worldwide were homeless in 2005. In western countries the large majority of homeless are men (75-80%), with single males particularly over represented. In America, LGBT people are over-represented among homeless youth, at 40%.

  • Yes, but not just with handouts

    Naturally we should help the homeless, however we should understand that today most are not just 'down on their luck', but often suffer from mental illness and addiction. Thus to truly help them is not just to give handouts, but to provide institutions where their illnesses and addictions can be monitored and treated.

  • Help the homeless

    We should help the homeless because 🏩 they need encouragement 🎆 I think we. Should give them some love and help. 🌸 🌼 help the homeless. That is my statement help the homeless. 👭 👍🏻 👍🏻 👍🏻 Just think if you were them. It makes you feel good too. 💋

  • Many war vets ore homeless

    There are many homeless veterans who come back from war mentally damaged, And would not be able to follow the laws of the land even if they wanted to.

    More over there are also countless many non-military people with mental issues who are also homeless.

    We live in a capitalist society in America where a great majority suffer because of some greedy power hungry money grubbing heartless people who only have their own self interests in mind.

  • I think that we should help the homeless

    I believe that we should help the homeless because we already have what we need in order to survive, So i want to make sure that all people get to experience the same things I get now. It is not fair that people get treated differently just because they are homeless and we get to go to school, Eat have shelter and clothes and etc. It is not their fault they became homeless. They deserve a way better life than the one they get right now. They are the same species as us, So why treat them differently just because they don't have the same things as you? We should really help the homeless get a home and if not at least give them food, Water, Clothes and probably just a tiny house, They will be grateful for it

  • We should put an end to homelessness.

    Some form of basic housing and food assistance should be a right, Like a grade school education is now. It wouldn't necessarily have to be much. Just the bare minimums for survival. This would not constitute communism, For there would still be free markets. Every luxury would remain a commodity. Think "capitalism lite".

  • Why help the people that didn't even try to get a job while others were working

    When you help the homeless you encourage them to keep living like that which in way means by helping them you are hurting them. And the reason they are homeless is because they didn't try to get a job or work hard in life and that is why they are that way.

  • Why...Just...Why help them

    Why should we help them, what have they ever done for us. All they do is give the country a bad reputation. It's not our fault that they became homeless so why should we drag ourselves it to their problems. If they are lazy enough to sit on the floor all day and not at least attempt to get a job then why should us hard working people who are struggling our selves help the people that cant be bothered to try and get off the streets.

  • Why should we help if they make more than us?

    I've been doing research on the homeless and it shows that there are con artists who pretend to be hobos and make over $100 a day. That's $20,000 of income per year without being taxed. If this is the case what are the actual homeless people spending their money on? Drugs, booze? Why should we help if we are struggling ourselves? Giving away free homes to just run a crack house?
    Why should we help their way of life? Doesn't make sense to me, all i see is the government cleaning up the streets to look better on them.

  • Helping vs. Enabling

    Helping is doing something for someone that they cannot do themselves. Enabling is doing something that they can and should do for themselves. Yes they all have stories, some of them true and some of them not. Many are good liars and choose to live the way they do because they want to. I opened my home to a family member who was homeless. This person hoarded and resold things given to them. This person refused to get any help including mental help and complained about everything. Once forced to find a job or leave, they did find a job, but decided to return to homelessness because they couldn't get along at their job and didn't want to work more than 20 hours a week and definitely not on Saturdays. This person didn't want to pay rent or utilities and forced me to evict them. They called the police on me and tried to say I was abusing them by wanting their stuff and even tried to sue me over an umbrella they left in my car.

  • The reason why they became like that

    The reason why they became like that might be their fault because maybe they didn't study hard or they didn't get a good job, therefore it can be their faults and maybe they might not learn a lesson if we just always help them.
    Therefore, people shouldn't just also help homeless people

  • Consideration of our surroundings.

    Ok its important on how you define helping the homeless. If you decide on giving them money you have to realize that the money could backfire. What I mean by this is that ,the homeless could end up buying drugs and alcohol with that money and harm civilians passing by. Also you never know where the money you give ends up, such as secret organizations that work for the harm of society. Also you don't have to own a house or look good to work. Many people work in the streets day and night collecting bottles to trade them in for money. Government also provides shelters and other organizations that also help the homeless but some turn it back because of how use to they are to their way of living. Just the other day I saw a guy not begging for money but selling water bottles between red lights. His clothes were ragged, hands shaking from the cold, very old ,but he was selling not begging. Honestly people should consider more on helping helpless people who strive for an effort to survive instead of those lying on streets.

  • You aren't helping them

    By giving them money you are encouraging them to continue living off society, depending on others, living in unsanitary and unsafe conditions that could lead to disease and possibly death, so in a sense by "helping" them you are hurting them, If you do not give them money they will have to depend on government and non government programs designed to help them more than you can. If they want help it should be the right kind of help not easy access to drugs, alcohol and fast food.

  • They had a chance.

    They had a chance for education until college, and then some. There are programs for lower class families who cant pay for college. A job can also be obtained, not particularly somewhere nice, but money is money. Most of the time, the homeless are just asking for money for cigars, weed, alcohol, etc.. If you want to pay more tax money for someone who had a chance at a normal life then go ahead and agree, but in the end more lower class families will be considered homeless because of the increase in tax rates. Its a lose lose situation.

  • It is their fault

    The reason why homeless people became homeless is because they didn't work hard enough and they didn't search for work while other people worked hard. Why do we help people who didn't try? Why should we help for them? Then, more people would not work and just get help from other people and live. If people live this way, the country will not develop. We should just leave the homeless people alone and not help them so they could work hard themselves to earn their livings.

  • "Put yourself in their shoes"

    This argument is not only frustrating, but it's invalid. Think of the reasons behind the said person being homeless. Don't give me the "man is keeping him/her down" or the "he didn't have a good education or the opportunity." In reality, there are so many ways for people to get out of the woods and stop depending on others to do for them what they are completely capable of doing for themselves. There are quite enough consumers in this country and the producers are a dying breed. Read Atlas Shrugged. It puts the "wealth redistribution topic in perspective and shows what would happen if the left had their ways. Good luck.

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Help the homeless!

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