Should we (humans) be creating life through artificial insemination (IVF, etc.)?

Asked by: JamesHarper12
  • God gave us the power.

    He gave us the intelligence to create this way. So why not? The bible says gay people should not exist but he made people who are gay and that's fine. So if he didn't want this to happen, why would he give us the intelligence required to make it happen? Every one is intituled to believe what they want. This is what I believe and I'm sorry if you don't approve of it

  • Yes, it's ok.

    Artificial insemination doesn't hurt anyone. It's a very helpful tool for allowing people who can't have babies due to fertility issues or for gay couples to have children. It doesn't matter if the insemination happens naturally through intercourse or through the assistance of doctors. The child is not harmed by the method.

  • Refuting the God argument

    I find the God argument to be irrational. If we define God as being all-powerful, then God would have the power to stop events that he doesn't approve of. The question is whether or not God uses this power to intervene. If God truly didn't want something to happen, he can either intervene or leave humans to their free will. Since artificial insemination happens, God therefore must be leaving humans to their free will. This indicates that God either values our free will to make decisions more than he values not liking artificial insemination, or he is supportive of the practice

  • Refuting the God argument

    I find the God argument to be irrational. God has the power to do anything, and if he truly wanted to stop something, he would. We can agree that artificial insemination happens, therefore God does not want to stop it and is at least ambivalent about the practice, if not supportive of it.

  • Yes, we should be able to.

    Basically, no one forces anyone to use IVF. On the other hand, the process gives the opportunity for people to have children who would never have the opportunity otherwise. The antis have little to back up their claim without citing religious concerns. As with other issues, you have every right to believe what you want, but you do not have the right to force it on others through public policy. If you don't believe IVF is right for you, don't use it.

  • If God Has Not Granted Life Through Natural Ways...

    If God had wanted us to have children, He would have allowed us to have children through natural means... So, if He had not wanted us to have children, He would not have allowed us to conceive through natural ways. So, why should Scientists be meddling with the work of God?

  • No it is evil

    Methods such as these are gravely evil, as far as god he allows evil you fools, so we can choose not to. Life created through these methods is not life at all. Rather it is artificial life, abominations and those who choose to do it are desperate fools. It messes with natural selection and has bad effects on the child, the parent choosing their genes? An unforgivable offense you are not god and those doing this should be arrested.

  • I don't think so.

    Simply because it's not natural, it's not meant to be. Nature creates and destroys in a very precise way. What dies leaves place for something else to come to life. It's a cycle.
    By creating artificial life, we are stepping on this cycle, we are disturbing it.
    Besides, artificial insemination allows us to decide some traits of the living being. When it comes to a human being, it is ethically wrong to choose how our child is born.
    As for infertile couples, they can always adopt; the Earth is already overpopulated anyways.

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