• Yes, we should ignore the homeless.

    I believe in survival of the fittest. It is a waste of time to assist these transients. They use any money you give them for alcohol and drugs. They do not want to work because they are lazy. We should leave them to die because eventually there would be no more homeless.

  • Yes. At some point anyway.

    As a paramedic, I have witnessed the devastating effects of homelessness first hand. I consider myself to be a fairly compassionate person, but, at what point does my compassion end and reality sets in? Most homeless want to remain homeless. In 2017, TV station here in Portland took a survey last and 70 to 85% of the homeless interviewed, choose to remain on the streets even though there are a vast multitude of options available to them otherwise. The reporter even offered the information needed to help these people get the help need. Most refused. I will save my compassion (while I still have any) for people who actually want to be helped.

  • What have they done to deserve my money?

    Nothing. Why should I subsidize the poor life choices they have made? We need to accept that it is okay for people to fail. Society needs to have bottom feeders. This is already too much of a welfare state. If you don't contribute to society, you don't deserve any handouts.

  • Yes, they do nothing for society

    It's usually their fault they're homeless. Most of them are con artists anyway. Any money you give them is spent on drugs or alcohol and no matter what you give them, it guarantees nothing for them. If they truly want to stop being homeless then they can assist society by stop learning to do things themselves rather than be taken care of by others.

  • Dont avoid the homless

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  • Homeless pay taxes, where is their tax funded bailout?

    I see little difference in the socioeconomic policies of the USA and North Korea funneling billions toward military spending while their citizens go homeless and starve to death. Our government is the world leader of hypocrisy and redistribution of weather to the oligarchy in power over the United States of America.

  • No we shouldnt

    Its not right because what if you were homeless what would you try to do. How would you react to this if you become homeless how would you react. All i know is that i dont ignore homeless people because i know it could happen to me say no to ignoring homelessness

  • Are you kidding? No!

    Most homeless people either were born into a poor family or are runaways from abusive homes. Not to mention there are homeless veterans, children, and disableds. It's usually not their fault, therefore we should help them! Wouldn't you want the same kindness for yourself if you couldn't afford a home?

  • No, don't ignore the homeless

    It is inhumane for society to ignore the homeless. In most instances, it isn't even their fault. If you see a homeless man or woman, at least give them water or food. Remember, they're humans too. They have just the same amount of rights as us non homeless people are. They can walk around and run freely just as you can. But, some of society chooses to ignore them. When you ignore them, you basically are making them moralized. One person said that they asked a homeless man on the street: "What is thee worst part of being homeless?" The man replies "People don't see me." So, don't ignore the homeless, at least give them food and water to live.

  • We should help them, at least.

    Instead of ignoring them, we should at least give them food and water. If we ignore them, we're basically making them imoral. The homeless are the same as us, they are human. Sometimes, it isn't their fault they are in the shape they are in now. Also, why whould you even ignore them? If you already do, then how would you feel if you were homeless? OIne more thing, that is inhumane of us to do. So, at least give them food and water.

  • No thank you

    Because poverty receives more support than homelessness and because they often have a slary of about 5 dollars and you see with Finland they gave support and look at the results. 87 percent became homeless because of unaffordable housing and that is the governments fault and I am 11 just so you now, I hope this informed you on how homelessness should be fixed

  • A living ghost

    No! We should definitely not ignore the homeless. Sometimes a little acknowledgment and encouragement go along way. Boosting their self-esteem with a small gesture of saying hello. Society deems them the lowest of low and wants them to get jobs but ridicule their attempts. A society based on looks. Sad

  • No they are equal

    Homeless people need help and that's not their fault. We should not ignore them. Who cares if they look different then us. We are all human. Homeless people can't help themselves. They don't have a house or job. If you ignore them they are never going to be able to get back on their feet again.

  • We Should Not Ignore The Homeless

    Because if we become ignorant to one group of people just because they are less fortunate, we start to degrade them from being human and that is not good for society. Just think about how long it will take till we end up degrading more less fortunate groups of people.

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