• It could save them

    Even though a child should not have to spend countless trips to the Doctors and go through several different shots, I feel immunizing them could ultimately save their lives, potentially. Who wouldn't want to become immune to all of the world's horrible infections and illnesses? If it could save their lives, absolutely.

  • Yes, immunuzation saves the lives of both young and old.

    While there are rare instances when immunizations may cause harmful and negative effects, in general they are safe. Children who are not immunized are not only endangering themselves, but they are also posing a serious thread to people in older generations who have had immunizations in which the effectiveness has tapered off over the years. We are so far removed from the time when deadly diseases took children's lives that we don't realize the importance of immunizations. Parents should educate themselves about infant mortality in the time before immunizations were commonly given, and realize they're putting their children at needless risk. There is more risk in not getting immunized than there is in getting immunized.

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