• Trump is a Criminal who Loves to Hate

    He loves to hate. Everyone. He's a criminal. . . He bought votes in the election from Russia. . . He only wants power. He is poisoning this country. He should go to jail, Let alone being our president. Anyone in charge who wants to kill entire groups of people just because of who they are isn't someone that should be in charge of our country.

  • We really need to

    I was never a big Democrat, In fact, I very much dislike Hillary Clinton. However, When I saw Trump, I decided that he needed to stop. If he wasn't president, He would be in jail right now. He commits crimes and then blames his opponents for them. He also insults his opponents, With rather lousy words. Id. Est. Lyin' Ted, Crooked Hillary. If you are going to insult someone at least try harder.

  • He makes Nixon look strait

    I am not a Democrat and I did not vote for Obama nor Hillary, I am an independent person with different viewpoints.
    He meets the criteria for a narcissistic sociopath and can never admit he is wrong. He is ruining the economy and creating harsh laws. He had some good ideas about new trade deals but chooses the worst methods with bad outcomes.
    Worst of all he has an army of convinced followers that believe every word he says as truth, And cannot even consider that he make mistakes. Ask a trump supporter to criticize trump on five things not including harsher punishments to illegals or failure to lock Hillary up. They are incapable of doing it to their god.
    This man is an entertainer and comes from the MEDIA! Some people know this man is a con and yet there are always people that fall for cons. He is the living embodiment of white collar crime lord.

  • No he is better

    Hillary Clinton would have ruined america and Donald Trump is the back bone of america we need to get us back on track. Who doesn't want to see "MADE IN AMERICA" on all their things. I know i do. And get build the wall to keep aliens out of our beautiful country. MAGA

  • No definitely not

    WE CANNOT IMPEACH DONALD TRUMP. Donald Trump has not done anything unconstitutional, Therefore CANNOT be impeached. He has done very good things for the USA. The only reason you want to impeach him is because he hurts your feelings. He has done nothing wrong and stop crying that he won the election. He is winning is 2020, So go buy some more adult diapers.

  • There is no reason to.

    This president is a businessman. He is improving our economy, Enforcing laws that prior administrations passed, He is trying to protect our southern border but his opponents will not let him put up a wall, Barrier, Fence or whatever you want to call it that they approved while another administration was in control. He is trying to improve the treatment of our veterans and working to get people off of welfare. There has been nothing found that can bring actions of impeachment. The democrats look like a bunch of fools and now they are trying to make up some other lies and spend millions of our taxpayer dollars on nothing.

  • No just cause.

    To impeach a president, Congress needs just cause to do so such as treason, Bribery, Or other high crimes and misdemeanors. To date, They still don't have reasonable evidence that he did any of that. For about 2 years they claimed that Trump attempted to collude with Russia and that he attempted to obstruct justice but recently the Muller investigation was wrapped up and even tho they had a large number of people who hated Trump involved in the investigation, They still determined that no U. S. Citizen (including Trump and his people) was involved with any collusion attempt. If he did not commit the crime, You can't claim he attempted to obstruct justice related to it. Hypothetically, Your running through the park (on a routine jog). An officer who has found a dead body sees you running and arrests you for trying to flee the crime scene. If it's found out that you did not kill the person, Can they still press charges of fleeing the scene of a crime you had no idea was committed?

    If you ask me, This whole collusion bit was invented by the democrats to justify not accepting that Trump won the election fair and square. Funny thing is, They are the ones who were so outraged when Trump said he was not sure if he would accept the results.
    You can't impeach a president just because you don't like them. If that was the case, Presidential terms would be limited to the time it takes for congress to be in session. If you don't like him, Then don't vote for him but be willing to accept that your side may not win.

    I really hope the results of the Muller investigation hits the democrats and their liberal media hard. I doubt they will retract any of their slanderous statements but maybe the people will be wise to how they act and view/vote in accordance.

  • There is no evidence to Impeach

    Simply put, No matter who the sitting president is, The circumstances surrounding the idea of impeaching this president is centered around a blatant hatred and distaste over losing a political election to the opponent. There is no evidence and damning proof that has come forward or been revealed in the 2 and a half full years that the president has been in office, INCLUDING the president's time campaigning to be president of the United States. In fact, There is much evidence to show the opposite (against the opposing political party) that has shown collusion and espionage from the previous presidential administration and their political party against the now current sitting president. It has been shown and proven that espionage occurred against the sitting president's campaign while they were campaigning. Just as well, The former secretary of state and loser in this past presidential election has 1) Committed perjury while testifying 2) has destroyed physical evidence when it was subpoenaed by Congress and the judicial courts and 3) committed Fraud and treasonous acts that lead to the deaths of a United States Ambassador and their staffers.

    The misinformation and lies coming from the opposing political party as well as their allies in the media, Hollywood, And beyond have shown just how obsessed they are with doing anything and everything to bring down a political opponent that won the election fair and square doing everything such as committing espionage, Fraud, Collusion with foreign powers, Lying, And calling for impeachment. They will say and do anything to get rid of their opposition which can include changing the constitution and the rules of the country and the electoral voting system. This electoral voting system was put in place to protect the voices that non-urban communities and smaller cities would have, Which is a large portion of America's landmass beyond major urban populations. This is so urban cities don't determine the direction a country is heading 100% of the time, So it gives voices to the less populated towns and non-urban communities.

    In summation, There is absolutely no evidence to impeach the current sitting president, Donald J. Trump, And just because he is conservative doesn't mean he is unfit to be president.

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