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  • We should not.

    The United States of America should not impose military intervention in Syria. The United States need to focus on its own issues, and not wasted time or money on another stupid war. Syria needs to be able to take care of its own issues, and does not need help from the US.

  • Good God Noooo

    Does sovereignty mean anything in the international community anymore? Now I know after Rwanda the UN and most of its members collectively designed R2P (responsibility to protect), but at the core of that was that it is another states duty to protect the citizens of a state if the population is experiencing ethnic cleansing, genocide, or crimes against humanity. Now although Syria is in a very rough state right now, the UN has not defined any of the actions within the country to have fallen under any of those categories. Furthermore a big HELL NO for the US to intervene on its own military basis. Yes our intentions are good minded, but the cost is too high (we could use that money to fix Detroit), the last thing we need is another middle-eastern nation hating us more than they already do, and finally again with sovereignty. If America does not honor the international norms we preach, we will lose substantial credibility with our allies, and that is not something we want with how tense the globe is getting

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