Should we impose term limits on members of Congress?

  • Term limits are fine, just not possible.

    In order to impose term limits on congress, we would need to modify the constitution. In order to do that, we need the support of congress. Essentially, we would need congressmen to give up the power, prestige, and profits that come with being a US congressman. Beyond that, we would also need to limit their benefits after they leave office also. Since we will be making more of them, we don't want to have to pay more for them to leave.

  • Yes, Congress needs to get things done

    Not only should Congress have term limits, I believe that they should be limited to one term. Most members of Congress are more concerned with gaining re-election than with doing what is best for their constituents. If they only had a limit of one term, then there would be no reason to worry about re-election.

  • Yes, there should be term limits.

    Virtually all other offices in the United States have term limits, and it's about time that members of Congress have them too. The terms should be increased, though, from 2 to 4 years, and there should be a maximum of 3 terms. Having candidates sit in Washington their entire lives isn't good for democracy.

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  • We should not impose term limits on members of Congress.

    We should not impose term limits on members of congress. The framers of the constitution intended for the legislature to be the most powerful branch of the government. Term limits are a limiting factor on a politician's power. Also, members of congress benefit from having a lot of experience in office.

  • Congress should not have term limits

    Congress should not have term limits no matter who they are. It is up to the people to decide if they are fit to serve our country. Many members of our congress have served many terms, and they have done so because they people voted them in. In the end, the limits that should be required is that of the president, so as not to become a dictator.

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